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The swords are character specific


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Not too sure how important this is, but given that the language from the swords hasn't been broken down, the link between swords, character and wonder weapon may have some relevance. The name of the swords, reborn swords and their place in the podium will always be the same depending on which character you are.

Character.        Apothicon Sword.                  Reborn Sword.                       Place in podium

Floyd.                Shubozzor Ullagua.               Kreesaleet la Ahmahm.        Left

Jack.                 Ullamargor Zortuk.                 Kreelasha lu Ahmkaaleet.   Second from left

Jessica.            Astanar Nethurgast.              Goahlo lu kortahn.                 Second from right

Nero.                 Maroth Zorguamat.                Shaitahn lu kreemahogra.   Right

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I agree. You would think that would mean the A.S. would also be character specific. However we all know that's not the case.

I know in the past Treyarch have had a pattern to most of the things they did. However I feel as if this time they've made it where everything you do changes the outcome. 

Seeing as they've went to the extent of creating there own damn language this time. Knowing damn good and well none of us would know how to solve it or what it meant, until they told us. Even then they didn't give us every thing we needed, only a step in the right direction.

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Excellent, thanks.


This is a good spot for this info: From the general zombies forum; the upgraded sword has what looks like an ammo count. The 'ammo' goes down when you R3 slash a zombie in the head. RT attack doesn't work.

What does it mean?

Can someone get it to zero? Even so, it looks like it has reserve ammo.

It doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the sword, just goes down with each headshot.

There is a 'gather' and 'head' next to each other in one of the 'scripts'...

I just tried it for the first time last night, but didn't get many headshots before the game weirdly ended.

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