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How is Origins tied to The Giant?


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We don't know for sure. We know they are working with Maxis, who is in Agartha. The SoE note shows many different earths and mentions universes being destroyed. Maxis tells the SoE crew that their world will be lost. He also told the N4 that in Buried. It appears as though he is using the power he gained in Mined Games to change the timeline. He destroyed the world of the O4 and N4 to create Origins, but messed up and needed the O4s help. After reaching Agartha, he was reunited with Samantha. He noticed she did not seem the same. He is now trying to undo all that has happened and caused the zombie outbreak. He creates worlds like the one he came from and we have always fought in. He inserts the Origins crew to find themselves and stop schizophrenic Richtofen from interfering with the MPD. They have had to kill him multiple times, which has ended in failure. Good Richtofen, with the Summoning Key now in hand, kills bad him and proceeds with the mission by lighting the Beacon for Maxis. Maxis is able to locate the team and will transport them to the location of the first test subject, which Richtofen has knowledge of from presumably using the powers of the Summoning Key on bad him. I don't know any of this for sure, it's all speculation. Specifically the bit about the next map, as I obviously don't have any intel on it. 

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Truth is we aren't really sure how Buried and the other maps before it play into the new story line. There are now multiple versions of Richtofen, so there are most likely multiple versions of Maxis now. WaW Maxis had a German daughter while the Maxis at the end of Origins has an American one. Just based off of Origins, Sam tells us how her dad tried to reach Agartha and came really close but never finished the steps or EE. Once we do, its assumed, or at least told beforehand, that we are going to Agartha, but instead we get the final cutscene with the kids and toys. Thats kind of all we really have to go on from that map. The kids and the house might indeed be Agartha or perhaps just something else. We are assuming that house is the same one referenced to in the hidden page and the children are the ones Maxis is worried about in the Giant messages. 

Based off of quotes, radios, and the EE in The Giant, it seems that the Origins 4 have been traveling around different universes and perhaps different times. I can't remember the exact quote, but there is one about Richtofen going off on his own for two years. So in their time, they've been traveling for at least two years between Origins and the Giant. Maybe more since they could have traveled for 8 years together before he split off. We also assume Richtofen went to Shadows of Evil to grab the orb before he arrives at the Giant since he says he has a very powerful artifact. So something is teleporting him around while the other three are being teleported around. 

There is so little to go on at the moment and its so hard to tell how any preOrigins map ties in, so I think we are all a little confused. Any youtube video will just be a theory. Hopefully we can get more info to put some of the pieces together in future maps. Origins and BO3 has turned the whole story we thought we knew on its head. 

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It's all theory at this point, which is part of the fun ;)

They've definitely mentioned traveling for a long time, I'm sure from Origins, they have gradually learned who they are and what they need to do, it's all a cycle and they are aware. Richtofen wishes to change the events and break the loop (similar to Weasle in MoTD) while the other three think things should play out as they did.

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I'm not sure of the theory of the peoples who post...

My theory : After Origins, the goal of Richtofen etc is to find the childrens (Sam and Eddy from the ending of Origins), but they also have to fight the obscures forces wich want to accelerate de destruction of the parallels worlds (Apothicon, Shadowman etc). Because of all the paradoxes caused by Richtofen etc, several dimensional rifts have been open (that's why there is the MotD's plane in the roof of The Giant), or Maxi's plan in the ending of Origins was to open several dimensional rifts for let's come the heroes of his childrens, either one or the other rason, Samantha has been "corupted" by some obscures forces, and she is missing, she has been captured by those forces.

Now, we have two oposites sides which fight one against the other : The Good forces (SoE's keepers, Origin's keepers, templar, Richtofen, Archon, and maybe also Vril-Ya) and The Ancient God (which are the Great Old Ones, and the Elder Gods, of Lovecraft's litteratury, like Apothicon, Cthulhu, Shadowman etc), this fight is represented in the PaP room in SoE, on the wall which we can walk on, there is a picture on this wall, which represent the two sides.

Richtofen seems to follow the Maxi's plan, which want to find Sam and Eddie, that's why he "steal" the summoning key, which is the most powerful artefact of all the dimension. He also make some research on Pohnpei, Stalingrad, and Der Einsendrachen, those places seem like very important for him, he also make some research by the pseudonym of "Mr. Rat", and those places are mentionning in his diary, so maybe in the future, we will go in this places.

That's all I know, if you want some proof of what I say, just ask and I will answer you as soon as possible, for me it's the best theory. Sorry if my english is bad, i'm french

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