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20 questions with Der Eisendrachen

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So, in this little segment I purpose 20 questions dealing with the topic of the ONLY info we have on the map: That one photo. Please feel free to comment as you wish. 

20- Where is this castle? Specifically? Is it at the coordinates seen in SOE? Perhaps it's one of the locations visited by the reporter...

19-How recent was this out break. As we can see, there are lit spotlights and what appear to be floodlights from helicopters overhead. Signs of recent life are RARE in zombies. Well not rare, but fun. 

18-That tall structure in the distance... Is that a rocket base? Or something else? I'd like to think it's a group 601 tower... 

17- What is the significance of this place. Why are we here? What are we doing? 

16-Who will we be playing as? The NO4? The SOE sinners? Likely the NO4....

15- 935 disbanded from der reise before the events of the giant, which were really early. So... who's involved with this castle if it isn't 935..... Or is this another reality?

14- Can't help but notice the helicopter lights... Is that the iron dragon? A helicopter? If so.... who's piloting it? 

13- If it's not a helicopter... Is it the die glocke? You know that flying mechanism on ALL the chalkboards?

12- Dire-wolves from the wilderness? Please?

11- Will we be able to traverse to the "rocket base"? Not likely.... But maybe by teleporter? Wouldn't be a bad place for PAP. 

10- What will the wonder weapon be like? What about the specialist weapon? 

9- Will there be new gobble gums?  I'd hope so! Or double PAP effects? 

8- What buildables do you all expect to see? 

7- Serious question: Will vulture's aid return. I think that in a castle with multiple floors and passage ways with a lot of ceilings and secret passageways could use vuture's aid. 

6- What about the wonder fizz? Will it make it's triumphant return? Maybe we can only get it on maps with storms like this one? 

5-Will ziplines make a return? I feel they will as a means of moving from tower to tower easier. 

4- Will there be much usage of wall running in this map? Or what about swimming? 

3- WHAT is that SEXY cannon doing on the far left of the image? 

2-Thoughts on bosses? I was thinking a massive zombified polarbear, but maybe not the right place...

1- Who's going to be writing the new songs? We got the NO4, who so far have been seen with Sigmen in all the maps they've been playable in. But Annihilation of Beauty was a remix... Same general vocals... Who will be in the driver's seat now? 

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Dire wolves? HELL YES! I wouldn't even care that they would probably just be a re-skin of hell hounds, that would just be amazing.

And your point about the rocket base is interesting, because that seemed like a long ways away to hike by foot. I bet it will be like the Golden Gate bridge from MotD, which also appeared faintly in the background of the little thumbnail for MotD in the DLC poster if I recall correctly. I would prefer a teleporter because that just seems like it would fit the zombies setting here for this map but some other form of transportation could be cool too. As long as it's not a bus.

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20.)  Hohenwerfen Castle. Yes its the coordinates dude people have been pointing out the castles and location look the exact same.

19.) The lights could be from us turning on the power, like what happens in the Giant. Although I suspect the people here had a much larger battle to face when they died. Also I don't understand why you keep saying there are lights coming from helicopters when we see no helicopters. That is lights in the map shining upwards, you ever seen the bat signal? Yeah like that, probably looking for the dragon thing that I bet is in the map.

18.) It is definitely a rocket. You can see that frame thing next to it that is at every rocket launch, just comparing it to a rocket launch tells you it is.

17.) This is one of the locations Richtofen discovered was an important place to go to. We had been going to the wrong places and this is one of the four important locations. From the code, I think we need to unfreeze the frozen one because they have significance to the story.

16.) The YO4/ Young Old 4 (much better name then new old four). I keep saying stuff like this. We are going to where Richtofen intended to go and Jason said the Giant kicks leads into DLC season so of course its them. Also this map screams them, its ridiculous to assume any other group really.

15.) I think it is the same reality. We need to undo all of the other universes so the main one remains. I could see this more as being the characters literally walked here from Breslau over a few months, those few months we spent playing the map since they seem to be doing that thing where the time between stuff IRL matches in game.

14.) It is not helicopter lights, they are lights from the castle shining up at whatever is in the sky, probably the dragon as I keep saying. I don't understand why you keep saying helicopter, seriously they would show it or something.

13.) Die Glocke is what the teleporters in Der Riese and the Giant are, they are based off that design you do realize that. Those lights are not some helicopter or Die Glocke (Thats such a weird assumption) they are coming from down below in the castle.

12.) Hopefully we will get hellhound versions of them yes but nobody knows at the moment.

11.) PaP would make sense as part of the rocket. Could be a callback to Ascension. That or the map is truly large and we can either teleport there are actually walk down there.

10.) WW it could be anything, I really hope its like some amazing dragon gun like that one I came up with in Dynasty. SW will most likely be the Purifier.

9.) There has to be, they leave space for them! Also yes, that better be the case as well.

8.) Zombie Shield- new version we haven't seen, something based off of a scorestreak like Maxis and its a possibility it will be the WW but I would hope there is also a box WW.

7.) I really hope V-A-E, Tombstone (I really loved it and think it just didnt suit Tranzit) and Electric Cherry will return.

6.) Maybe a new version of it where it only has one location and is powered differently?

5.) I hope I have always loved ziplines. I can kind of see some lines around the map, at least two in the image from the towers to the ground.

4.) Not sure about wall running, hopefully some that isnt gonna lead to death. Swimming in water that would be frozen in these temperatures? Nope. But I bet anything one of the next DLCs will be underwater or related too it.

3.) Defending the base from that sexy dragon.

2.) Polarbears aren't in Austria. I guarantee a DRAGON, robotic or not. Also hopefully dogs/ wolves.

1.) Kevin always wrote the songs. Not sure who sings them but I feel like this is an Avenged Sevenfold map.

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20. From what I've gathered, it seems to be in Austria

19. Hmm, they don't seem to be helicopter floodlights to me. I have no idea how long ago the outbreak may have occurred.

18. Definitely looks like a rocket.

17. I honestly don't know. We know NO4 Richtofen is trying to right his other selves wrongs. Perhaps there's another version of Richtofen here?

16. I'd be surprised if we weren't playing as the NO4.

15. It could be another reality, but I'm unsure.

14. I don't think there's an actual Iron Dragon on this map. I think it may refer to an object, or a type of structure. Afterall, Der Riese didn't refer to an actual Giant back in World at War.

13. I don't think they'll bring that back. I'd love to be wrong though.

12. Haha, that would be funny.

11. The rocket does seem to hold some importance. Afterall, like @Kill_All_Monkeys said, you could see the Golden Gate bridge outside of the map in Mob of the Dead.

10. I hadn't considered another Specialist Weapon. I though that, that might've been exclusive to The Giant. Honestly, the Wonder Weapon can be anything these days.

9. Hopefully. They would certainly add even more variety to the game.

8. I'd expect to see a variant of the Zombie Shield/Rocket Shield. Also, if the Wonder Weapon is buildable, probably a way to upgrade it also.

7. It would be nice. It's a great perk, but it may be too OP. Afterall, the fan-favourite PHD hasn't returned either for this exact reason.

6. Eh, I never liked it much. I can take it or leave it.

5. I wouldn't mind having them back, it would be pretty cool, seeing as we've only had them in one other map which came out almost five years ago.

4. I personally wouldn't want to see those elements in another Zombie map.

3. I hope so. It would be a nice change in gameplay.

2. No idea.

1. I hope Elena returns. I never liked Avenged Sevenfold that much.


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Those lights aren't from helicopter floodlights they are from spotlights on the ground similar to the lights on top of the castle. and yes Dire wolves would be awesome maybe even a Dire wolf boss.

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