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  1. ViiZionZ

    ***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

    Amazing guide. quite a long read but definitely worth it.
  2. I agree 100%. Eisendrache does sound pretty awesome though.
  3. personally i don't mind it. i'm probably never going to use it but it's good to have. I've seen a lot of people having mixed opinions about it so im eager to hear what yall have to say about it..
  4. ViiZionZ

    What are the "Bad Guns" of this game?

    Sheiva...That gun is awful. 2 shots to the head at round 4 at point blank range. there is no reason to ever buy that gun...EVER. 10 round magazine, semi-auto and fire rate is slow. sheiva is complete garbage. and i may aswell say Wunderwaffe...atleast until it gets patched. compared to the previous version its also complete garbage. It just doesn't feel like a wonder weapon anymore. i wouldn't say it's worse than the guns already mentioned but it's definitely broken.

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