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The HELP Door ????

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Ok so I'm sure we all know about the HELP door in the Thompson room on the map near the furnace , and all speculations of it opening , I remember this being a massive talking point during the WAW days , so I revisited this idea recently 

I recreated the glitch that moves all interactable items to the centre of the map and had a look around , it's actually quite creepy 

Until I entered the Thompson room and noticed all the blood had gone from the HELP door , not entirely sure why as its not interactable it's just a texture .... Seemed strange and interesting at the time so thought I would share it with you guys 

Here's an image http://imgur.com/QogYfiG

And here's a video for those who think it's photoshoppedhttp://youtu.be/NNIKUeYIHkU

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I genuinely believe it to be nothing.  I personally don't think it's at all intentional, but if it is, it's inconsequential.  I do hope I'm proven wrong, though.

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I just like to live in hope , that one day treyarch will open up parts of the map for us to play in ,all the areas around the power area would be cool 

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Hope is always good, but I have to agree with Tac on this. Looks like a layer glitched and isn't showing up. I don't believe you tampered with it, I've seen similar things in the past.

It's like when Giant first came out, I was tripping so hard on the fact that the big metal door that separates the power switch area and the alley would not take bullet detection, and wouldn't react to grenade blasts, shoot it all day and it doesn't even spark or leave a hole lol.

After a while though, I just figured it was just a bigger version of actual buyable doors (the one leading from spawn to the alley to be specific) and was just an overlooked detail.

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