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Had a look at the sound files...

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So I've just been looking through the sound files, and discovered a ton of random files related to the WW (e.g. vox_idgun_combat_#, etc. - the dev name for the gun is the ID gun), which all seemed to be some guy saying the names of the guns (or speaking a dialect similar to that). Which is exactly what was posted recently, where some guy was getting kills with the WW by PAP and there was clearly a voice (the same voice I found in the files) saying some indecipherable word (at least to me). I also saw/heard someone get the same voice when taking the gun from the bench. 

There are also sounds called 'vox_idgun_greet_player' and 'vox_idgun_greet_idgun' which struck me as very odd names. Obviously the 4 random names linked to the heart/area have some kind of significance since the gun is called the 'ID gun' so there must be something with the characters (kinda like the swords) I'm thinking.

So, anyway, looking through more files, I came across a sound file called 'vox_idgun_upgrade_complete' (which, like all the others is just a random indecipherable word in a strange voice) and also 3 sounds called 'vox_idgun_upgrade_ready_#'. Now this obviously implies very strongly indeed that there is some way to upgrade the WW, and not only that, it's likely linked to these weird coded words in the voice, and the names of the WW.

I also discovered a very peculiar sounding file in the Giant, that appeared to contain some kind of hidden message, but I couldn't make anything of it (never heard it anywhere before though) and also another quote from Maxis about a beacon, but I'm not sure if that's already in one of the radio recordings or something (it has the same kind of sound quality as those, as opposed to the quotes Maxis says during the Fly Trap EE where he comes out really loud and clear). I'm not sure what the policy is on here in regards to this, but I'd like to post the files for everyone to listen to and try and figure this out, so if someone could let me know if that's allowed or not that'd be great.


TL;DR: Based on the sound files, the WW is upgradeable and it seems to be related to deciphering whatever it is that is being said in these mysterious quotes.


Edit: After looking even more, I found that the sword actually has very similarly named sound files, which also consist of some strange voice speaking a foreign language, but since that wasn't involved in upgrading the sword perhaps these sound files are a red herring (they all just sound like the names of the guns being said in different ways/combinations tbh). But since they exist, and have been heard in game, I'm positive it can be upgraded simply based on the sound file names.

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2 hours ago, superstudmuffin said:

I mean no disrespect as this is what you do and are very good at it. Question being is it too early to be digging into files and posting public possibly spoiling people who want to hunt the old fashioned way?

He put right in the title dug through sound files. If you didn't want to be spoiled, you didn't have to click the thread. 


Besides, there is no actual spoiler. Just a further confirmation that the WW can be upgraded. Better than people wasting 15 hours doing nothing if it couldn't be.

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8 hours ago, superstudmuffin said:

I mean no disrespect as this is what you do and are very good at it. Question being is it too early to be digging into files and posting public possibly spoiling people who want to hunt the old fashioned way?

I wasn't actually intending to find EE stuff, I was collecting sounds for my own map (round sounds, weapon sounds, zombie sounds, etc), and 90% of them are not named in any case. I just happened to see these ones (which are one of the few that are named) and thought I'd share what I found. It doesn't really spoil anything since we are still in the same situation; we think it's probably upgradeable but we have no clue how. If the sound files said something like 'put the gun in here and shoot 50 zombies' then maybe, but as far as I can tell it just says 'blasrfgewghjsaiSVGDF'; so I'm really none the wiser lol. I saw it more as 'interesting' rather than 'spoilery' tbh.

FYI, most of the stuff found so far (including the main EE) was assisted in some way by someone accessing game files. Not that I'm supporting such conduct, I'm just saying. Anyway, to those who want to find it the old fashioned way (always the best way) I don't think I've revealed anything that would affect that, you've still gotta figure out how to activate the sounds, what they mean (perhaps) and any other steps required, I basically just wanted to confirm that an upgraded version almost certainly does exist is all.

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