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Best Place To Train?

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When playing zombies, how well you train your horde is an important factor when trying to reach high rounds. Any advice or idea as to where the best location to train is, on Shadows of Evil? Thank you. 

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I think PaP room is the easiest, there is a wall gun and a trap with plenty of room to run around, but you can do it in any district... the map is huge.

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Dude... Go look at my thread on the fastest strategies. I have like 9 or 10 different spots documented with pros and cons to each, with videos.

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Rift is the best place by far.  If there were no Margwa's every other round there would be tons of better places.


Don't go in the PAP area, just stay mainly infront of the Egg's and when necessary circle the entire area.

Vesper is above you, and the Margwa is easy.


If you are going to go above say 60, you may want to consider some of the other locations from @shirtlesservice thread.

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