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Solo EE on SOE??

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Maybe this is too soon but I am hearing that you can only do 90% of the EE on solo. Why does this not make sense. Is it a matter of the step not being available to solo players or is it a matter of not having enough time to shock the rails and gatekeepers?? Just seems weird

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It's because the final gateworm doesn't appear at all.


Source: Two straight days on Solo gone to waste.

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Yeah, it's pretty disappointing that the EE cannot be done on solo but if the reward is what people say it is then that would be pretty self explanatory. There is also no real need to do it solo as it does not have the same effect as Origins where it changes the map structure for easier training. Still disappointing though nonetheless. 

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Thats freaking BS.. Treyarch could have easily made it possible. I hope this doesnt carry over to The Giant where you need that Stone. So dumn, they let you get 4 worms and swords but not the end. Just doesn't seem right

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I wouldn't say there's nothing left on solo. For the fact that they've had 3 years to make this map. Then they give us an Easter Egg that consists of two steps. Activating the Keepers & capturing the Shadow Man.


Now before you bash me let me explain. So every time we play SoE, were going to open PaP correct. Then there's the swords. As dope as they are every game your going to want those as well, even if you don't upgrade it. Which why wouldn't you. 


Now to the Easter Egg. So to activate the Keepers, we have to activate the book in Neros lair. So the book begins to float, well once all 4 Keepers have been summoned the book is still there floating. Hell even when you've captured the Shadow Man & averted the Apocalypse. The book is still there.


What I'm asking is what the hell is the book still there for. Not to mention the Margwa Masks (which I don't believe is cosmetic). Now the Doughnut Mines (Thanx @Liamftwinter) & Gold Civil Protector (Thanx Milo aka Mrroflwaffles). Even if those things are just cosmetic changes. The book definitely is NOT. 

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