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Tank Dempsey II


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Hi, was wondering if any of you know how the rankings are gonna work on BO3 Zombs?

Obviously in WAW/BO and BO2 it went by how many rounds you survived, but the recent COD's it has been score based, hopefully it's round based like the good old days 

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We don't know yet.

But if I had to guess it will be round based again.

Welcome to the site. :)

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Rank will be depicted by XP derived from games. Where as leaderboards will likely still be organized by highest round. (so hacker try-hards on top)

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I'm sure the leaderboards depicting the highest rounds will be back, they've been in every game with zombies so far and I see no reason for them to remove it now. I'm guessing we're going to get a lot of the leaderboards from BO2 zombies as well, like the amount of kills, headhsots, doors opened, etc. Though I would like to see dedicated leaderboards to be match specific like the highest round one, such as most kills/headshots achieved in one game and what not. Relatively minor but still would be a nice addition to make zombies feel more on par with mp.

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