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In the latest trailer for "The Giant" there is a split second where we see a SINGLE massive hellhound spawn in and attack. 

Now, I've been mulling over MANY videos now, and I think we've jumped to some early conclusions. 

While this MAY predict the introduction of hellhounds again, I think we arn't fighting the sons of bitches anymore... 


Think about it: We only see one dog on screen at a time, and unlike normal half-zombie-height dogs, this one is MASSIVE. This would make sense as well if this is directly after the der reise radio, as fluffy would have just teleported back from the expirament, and would have teleported with maxis and samantha. 


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That definitely sounds like something they might do, although I also can't see hellhounds being ditched either..
We only see the dog/s at weird camera angles though, and the second time we do the player is crouching, making the dog seem larger than it probably is.

then there's this shot:

and here's a ref of the original scale of the dogs (sorry for image quality, it was the only one I could find with a player in it :P )


so I doubt it'll be one single boss fluffy, but I'm sure treyarc will do something to allude to her.

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Well I guess that's the end of that theory.... Damn REALLY wanted to see fluffy instead of regular dogs 

We could still possibly get Fluffy as a true boss for all we know. Maybe she spawns once we link all 3 teleporters or randomly when we use a teleporter. And killing her while performing a specific task (melee only, taking no damage, etc) rewards an extra perk.

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If they do an EE quest, I bet Fluffy has a chance of being in it and their being an explanation as to why we never see her so don't let your hopes down just yet. I am still waiting to play fetch with Fluffy and have her chasing down players in Der Riese.

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