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Weapon kits and their potential.

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So on friday, after the unboxing, they released information about what you get when you rank-up, where you're either equiped with a new gobblegumball, or a new "Weapon Kit". 

These kits and the gumballs can be equiped prior to the match beginning, and I can state 100% that I am SUPER excited that treyarcb implamented an Idea I've had for the longest time into BO3. 

How it works is using a weapon kit, you can change out some of the map's wall weapons and box weapons for different but equal variations. It is unknown if these are usable in co-op. If I had to guess, it'd be one of four things: 1: Wall weapons can't be changed from map to map, but box weapons can. 2: Weapons are all the same but the attachments change. 3: The weapons are all specific to the host player. 4: The wall weapons all appear diffrent depending on what each player has equipped. 

The question is, will you only be able to change the attachments of wall weapons? Or will you be able to completely swap the wall-weapons out for other equally valuable weapons? If it's the later this could REALLY open some opportunities for zombies, down to the point where you could add DLC offering new weapons. I know NGT would love a weapon-pack that exchanges some weapons to the thompson and trench gun. This would also open up opportunity to selectively choose which ray-gun varient you pick while in game. This way you KNOW if you're getting the M2, original, or maybe (but doubtfully) even a M3, from the box. 

Your thoughts?

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I'd be against that for the fallowing reason:  I assume we could administer weapon packs like supply drops from AW. With, lets say every game that reaches round 10, a special objective, and/or every time you rank up, rewards you with a box of 1 item. The item can be a new weapon entirely, an attachment, a new type of ammo when PAPed, and more. Gobble gum is unlocked purely through rank, but that's beside the point, the point is if weapon administration is random, as it should be, there's no telling if anyone could do the easter egg because you wouldn't have a surefire way to procure one's weapon. 

Furthermore, I think a player should be able to do an easter egg on rank 1, or rank 100. 

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I would love to be able to make sure the box never offers me a ray gun, i only want the MK2. I've said before how zombies should have more customizable options, as many as MP had in BO2, i'd like to be able to restrict box weapons, trade perks on the map for something else, set the starting points, and this can be all done in custom games, now if you change one thing in customs, it no longer counts on the leaderboard, but if nothing is changed then it should act like the BO1 private match. And if people leave it doesnt matter, game still counts according to how many players are in game, host migration of course happens as usual. I also liked the AW exo zombie aspect of people being able to join in the first 3 rounds or so if someone leaves early on.

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They should just have a separate custom game mode altogether with the private match setting set apart from that. I still don't understand why this was removed from BO2 completely. They had like 2 "custom" settings too, and the hellhound option on only the one survival map I believe. I would very much like to see them incorporate almost completely customizable games in zombies such as dictating every weapon in the map, zombies and special boss zombies. Maybe even specifying what spawns in on every round. Possibly even character customization/selection. Make it feel somewhat like what they have in multiplayer.

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