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New game mode: Skull Count

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This is a fairly simplistic gamemode, get the most zombie heads into the enemy team's goal. 

Two teams of 4, on one hand you're trying to knock off as many zombie heads as possible in the ring on your opponents side of the map (anything other then a headshot kill will not be counted). Killing a zombie in your own goal results in nothing. Whomever has accumulated the most skulls at the end of the 7 minute marker (or in custom games a certain limit is reached) wins. 

There is gun game. Each POINT swaps your weapon, similar to the way it did in turned, only now the M1911 when a point is achieved will swap for the ray gun, the map's wonder weapon (if possible), and more weapons before starting over. 

You can use points to buy upgrades for your weapon, perks to keep you up, and even purchase the ability to shut doors to screw with the other team. If you go down and bleed out, you're done for the game. If your whole team goes down, regardless of your skull count, you lose. 

There are no rounds, it's like no man's land: Just an ever increasing amount of zombies with higher and higher healths.



I like to think of it like zombies uplink. Thoughts? 

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Uplink Zombies. This is pretty interesting and kinda of mixes gun game elements into it. I would definitely play it, we need more gamemodes in zombies that are just fun.

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I liked how turned was fun, I honestly do it was short and sweet, but I never played it due to the effects it had on rank. Here's a timed gamemode you don't have to go down 1000 times in. 

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Sounds pretty fun to me, I'm really hoping that BO3 incorporates more fun and non serious game modes like they did with Grief and Turned. At least without the worry hanging over our heads about dropping rank if we do play them.

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