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Peter McCain, Doctor Schuester, Dr Groph


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Now I'm a little rusty in my understanding of the timeline of these people and when they died but I think there could be a chance of these people being more relevant in the story. I know that both Schuester and Dr Groph were there when Samantha ran into the MPD. So these character could have more relevance especially if origins Richtofen communicates with them to tell the changes they need to do at Griffin Station. Also about Peter McCain I'm not sure when he gets hanged or if Richtofen did it to him or he did it himself but I think it was after Richtofen teleports Samantha. So he could be invested in the new story as well. Maybe Origins Richtofen can use the fact Peter is undercover to his advantage. I mean this is speculation but I really feel that Schuester and Groph will be more involved as they are both at Griffin station (which I presume Origins Richtofen hasn't interfered with its creation) and both old Richtofen and Origins Richtofen have the same voice so he can change their orders. Also the Russian scientist (Yuri?) could be involved. I really hope they expand Der Riese so that we can uncover more secrets. Can anyone of you expand on this speculation (I not great at backing theories with evidence)?

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Not sure if Richtofen will change Griffin Station. Its already completed by the time he sends Maxis and Sam there. Could be an explanation if the game decides to give more old maps. That way they can make changes and add new things. But story wise, I'm not sure how that will play out.

One thing we might get some info about is the radio from Der Riese where the German guy who sounds like Dempsey turns off the shields and tries to kill himself as the outbreak happens. It was a weird recording that had an unknown character possibly causing the Der Riese outbreak. So that would be a cool thing to get some more info on. And The Giant is set at a frozen 1:15. Der Riese was looping around 1:15:42-44. If they are set at the same day, then there is no outbreak before The Giant. Perhaps we cause the outbreak on Der Riese while doing this map. If we do, that recording might come into play.  

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@Cheesegrater28 I need to write a post on this, but I believe we can confirm the Der Riese clock is at 1:14:40, proceeding to 1:14:43. I have taken into account the appearance of non-precision at the :40 mark. I'll fill y'all in soon. 

@edbuddles I would like to see more Peter McKay, but it is confirmed that he suffered whatever demise Richtofen had planned for him before September 1945, when Samantha entered the MPD. 

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In the trailer for Der Riese, it looks like the clock might be at 1:14 but I just think thats because the camera is tilted up. In the game, the hands are directly on 1:15. And The Giant trailer shows us the hands jump from 1:14 to 1:15. They don't gradually move with the seconds, so the 45 seconds wouldn't move the minute hand closer. 

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Peter is not dead yet, his arm is not on the Der Riese power switch so I assume its not on the Verruckt one or any other one for that matter either yet. He lost his arm before he died as well. As for Groph and Schuster, I don't even think we got confirmation that they died though they would not be dead at the time of the events of the Giant, not at least until near the end.

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funny i made a post about peter and it turned into a discussion on his name. good to know someone is thinking outside the box. that maybe some mysteries will hold bigger secrets this time around now that they have re-written everything. i hope old mysteries play a part because it would be coincide with the story rewriting. for peter being re-written would be awesome. to have him not at all would be a paradox. obviously dempsey has been re-taken from verrukt so hes got to be back. you cant just take out key parts. after all peter did play a part in the game. I think we can all agree. for the others. time will tell. itll be cool to see what happens

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