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Shadows of Evil-Concept map by me

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(Black screen) "Your sins serve only as an invitation.... 

(Screen flashes to show a few pictures of morgue city, eventually zooming in on the ruby rabbit club) 

And invitation to an evil... Beyond your compression." 

The next scene shows Jessica singing onstage and attracting the attention of a man, who's face never comes into perspective, who's got a cigar in his hand and then moves to head around back. Meanwhile, Nero is preparing for his act, tossing knife after knife at his stage girl, every one narrowly missing her. Eventually he gives up and calls it a day. It's then that a man walks in, shoots the woman and whacks Nero in the head when he tries to run. 

Meanwhile outside the gunshot has been muffled by other gunshots of a few gangsters haggling a defenseless man on the street. It's here the man turns around to see the cop, begging the cop to help. But the cop just takes the gangster's money and shoots the man dead. The cop parts ways and once he turns the corner, steps into a pool of water, complains about his shoes, and then looks up to see a shadowy man at a power box, he turns it on briefly, and BUZZZZZZ the cop's out cold. 

The buzzing has also drowned out the sound of the boxing arena next door, who is announcing to get the boxer on stage. Here we see him wrap his brass-knuckle bandages and kick the crap out of the opponent. He's victorious, until the announcer says that he's got another challenger, whom we only see in a shadowy glance, who's got a baseball bat and knocks out the boxer. 

The banging is replaced by the fem-fetal (Jessica) seducing a man to the bed upstairs above the ruby rabbit. He's concerned about the handcuffs, but even moreso when she goes for the scissors. He's quickly killed by a stab to the heart. The fem fetal then sits up where a lightning flash shows the shadow man behind her with a crowbar. One swift kick to the head and she's out cold. 


Nero wakes up in the street later, furious he goes to a man who's also asleep but upon waking finds that the man is actually a zombie. A small killing montage endures with the boxer, the fem-fetal, and the cop as well. Eventually they all end up in the street where the zombies stop, and a voice comes on the speakerphone: "Welcome to Morg City my friends... Hope you enjoy it here.... " (Cut to black after being shot by the cop's gun) 




This map actually features a new starting system. Before starting a game (before you even enter the lobby) You can choose: 

---------A starting weapon: These are unlocked over XP progression, but the default is the Mr6. 

Unlocked in this map are: 

-The snub - A small revolver pistol that's stronger then a M1911, but has less amo. Upgraded it becomes the bolt-gun and fires large rail-bolts through multiple zombies. 

-The brass knuckles (Melee only) -Upgraded it becomes the sucker-punch wich is basically the one-inch punch from origins.

-The throwing knives (Like 3 tomahawks you can stab with) -Upgraded each one gets a separate effect: Explode, Shock, and Freeze, you can retreive any one you like) 

As well one can unlock the mauser from "The giant" map and the M1911 by just reaching a high enough rank on any map. 



---------Next is perma-perks: Perma perks are like supply-drop buffs from AW's MP. In a game of zombies it's possible to find a yellow drop with a "!" symbol. Grab that to obtain a surprise when you finish the game, The price can be: An XP bonus, a perms-perk to add to your list, or even parts for your custom weapon. 

Perms-Perks themselves can range from the common "Perma-jug" which will give you an extra hit, but also it slices the XP you receive in half: Good for new players, not for hardcore zombie players, to the "Metal barriers" perms-perk which does nothing to XP. Likewise there's also the half-cash perma-perk which DOUBLES the XP you receive, but causes you to only earn HALF as much cash as you would (IE a barrier now only earns 5pts as opposed to 10). There's also "First room bonus" Where you earn Double XP for as long as you stay in the starting area, once you open a door/leave, the perk's effects are gone. 

Each player can only hold one Perma-perk when they play, and only they receive the effects. 


---------Your gun: In the mystery box there is a single weapons slot taken up by "You're gun" which is a custom weapon you've built that you can put into THIS map. It can be modified and altered by any means you wish. It's entirely yours to build, alter, upgrade and win at. 

You can get these parts from a "!" drop: 

-Base weapon (Weapon type: SMG, LMG, Launcher, pistol,ect.) 

-Attachments: (Scopes, laser sites, a-kimbo) 

-Amo assistance: (Extra-amo, small amo (less damage greater amount), big amo (More damage less amount) 

-Camo (self explanatory)

-Upgrade: When PAPed the gun will gain upgraded properties to your liking: for example: (explosive amo, harder amo, 2nd attachment, ect.) 



Now for the actual map. 



The actual map is huge, and decided into 3 districts all accessible via the suspended train. The train can be called from any train-stop and can be used for 500$ a move. 

The 3 districts are: -Entertainment -Shopping and -Music



You begin your journey in the entertainment district.... 

The map is much too intricate to list every detail about the map, so I'll just list the highlights of each district. 

This is the area primarily shown in the trailer, there's 3 levels: Water-level, Street-level, and the walkways. You start in an ally on street level. To begin there's an elevator you can buy, this can mean a trip UP to the walkway level, or it can malfunction and drop you to water-level, what  happens is completely random. Sense this is in the starting area, this costs 500 and can only be used once. (Quick revive's in the ally too). 

On Street level, there's the quick-revive perk, as well as the typical starter weaponry: Rifle or shotgun. There's also an ally way out to the main road for 2000. Alternatively, one can head down the path behind them through the Sacrificial Trap.

A sacrificial trap is marked by the cuneiform symbols and when activated will teleport anything that walks through to the nightmare room (lair of Cathuhlu). The nightmare room will INSTANTLY kill zombies, players will be able to survive for short periods of time (about a minute), but if they want to escape they HAVE to unlock the door out. The door out WILL bring you back to the portal, but it also brings one one round closer to summoning the monstrous entity seen in the trailer, OR the parasitic bugs. The monster is pretty strait forward to take out, shoot it's 3 heads and it keels right over. The BUGs are the real issues, as they're airborne and will sting you in swarms.  It's best to get to lower ground when this happens. You need to kill the monster, or the bugs, to finish the round.  Regardless of if the door's opened or not, after every 10 rounds the door opens anyways, if a door is opened, the boss appears one round earlier for each time it's opened. 

(5 for fighting: In Shadows of Evil, fight a beast by round 5) 

Now, on the main road, you'll gain access to a numerous amount of places: 

-The jazz/Music district (see way down) 

-The blast-radius theater: 

The blast-radius theater is a peculiar building which costs 1250 to enter and it's only purpose is to acquire PHD Slider (same jingle and logo, just like with double tap 2.0). The main difference in this perk is now when one Slides they do it with momentum allowing them to cross some gaps one would otherwise consider impossible as the ceiling is too low to jump, likewise it can be used to push THROUGH trains of zombies without their annoying hit-boxes keeping you in. It loses it's signature flopping move, but the versatility effects, splash damage relief, and fall damage relief should still make this perk a valued resource. On the upper levels of the theater one can use the sliding move to access a weapon on the wall on the other side of the upstairs area. 

Booster's Pipe: a smoke-house: NOTE over-exposure to this area causes hallucinations (zombies that arn't there) you can't get hurt from them and they don't have hit boxes, but don't waste your amo on them, they should turn to smoke when inflicted with any amount of damage. On boss-waves this room doesn't operate. This also is the main passage way between the water-level and the street-level. It costs 1000 to enter. 

(420 DAMN IT: In Shadows of Evil, kill 420 hallucinations)

Boss waves: these are only included in the next-gen versions of the game, and basically what happens is that the zombie count DOUBLES when the read zombie-hand drop is collected. So instead of the normal 24, there's a whopping 48 zombies running around it also doubles the amount of zombies that would have come that round. While this may seem like hell, remember if you survive you've got a LOT of points on ya. Getting 2 of these at the same time does nothing. 

The cafe: Not to be confused with the coffee shop, this area is almost entirely useless, but you can blast the back wall open to find the weapon storage vault. (Like the fridge from Tranzit) (750 door) 

-Hotel: This is one of the 2 areas of sleep in this town, not that it matters. You can use the balcony of the upstairs to access the walkways above here. It's 750 for the main door, and 500 for the room upstairs. 

Suspended train: You can buy access to this little loco-motive for 1000. When in use (costs 500 to use, 0 to call to a location) it quickly speeds around the map to the next location, there's one in each of the 3 districts. Zombies do not attack the train, but the monster and the bugs will fallow it behind. 


Now lets discuss the area bellow....

To be continued. 

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