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Pick a starting weapon?

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Ok, so in the giant, we see Tank, Takeo, and Young richtofen all holding the same pistol, which generally is received as the starting pistol: 
HOWEVER, the concept-art-movie-poster depicts the MAUSER being used. Furthermore the ORIGINAL picture of BO3's reveal (back when everyone thought it would be WAW 2) showed a pair of futuristic mustang and Sallys. 


So, my question: Will we be able to have different starting weapons? 
I mean I'm all for this idea. The mauser offers a completely different strategy to the classic mustang and sally, and that it's self may vary from the NEW mustang and sally!


So what if this is one of the factors depicted by XP progression? You unlock starting pistols? 

Like you have the futuristic M+S to begin with, but then you can unlock the mauser on level 10. Then on level 20 you can unlock the "M+S classic" which is different then the 2065 version of the gun. Like the futuristic gun when upgraded becomes a mini-gun, but the classic becomes the explosive M+S we know of. 

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I actually like the idea of unlocking different starting pistols, with good ol classic M+S being the last one unlocked. Would definitely make up a part of that "every match is different" that they promised. 

If, however, there is no way to change the starting pistol and it's not the classic M1911, I would like to see the classic starting pistol find it's way to the box in at least one of the maps *cough*The Giant*cough*, so that we may later upgrade it to M+S. We had them in pretty much every map except Origins, and I actually missed having them in Origins.

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I do really love this idea. Every playthrough would legitimately be unique. And there are so many clever ways they can power up a starting pistol. Even the concept behind M&S is mind blowing. Still, one thing I'm not sure of is altering the base pistol. The Mauser was effectively identical to the 1911 in terms of damage and ammo count, but if you could have (for example) a revolver as a starter, with higher damage but lower ROF and ammo count, or on the other end a burst fire pistol that has more ammo but less damage per bullet. I feel like treyarch would be obligated to pull that kind of thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I thiiiink I want it? 

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I don't think being able to change the starter pistol would necessarily be a bad thing, of course there will always be that option of having the classic starting pistol or mauser, which would be identical to what we've had before and still be that classic zombies you love. It's weird for me to think about because once I got into zombies, I've always started every single match I played using the M1911/Mauser with my own method to obtain as many points as I could get before getting whatever wall weapon I favored on a given map. Being able to use other types of pistols would force me to literally completely rethink how I approach starting round 1 in zombies. Sure I can always rely on my tried and true technique and not worry about it, but why is it a bad thing to come up with another method or two? It sounds like it wouldn't be a big deal but in actuality it's a huge deal, and would for sure make every match with a new pistol something completely different than the last one. I love zombies but repetitiveness has plagued it on every map, and any form of variation that doesn't really change the core experience will be welcomed with open arms by me. 

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If you can select a weapon here's the run-down: 

Mr6: (Default) holds 8 in the chamber, 32 at the start 60 total. Regular damage, but faster ROF. PAP: M06tane and 5a119: A powerful  duel wield machine pistol that has a super slow fire rate but each shot is like a shotgun blast. 

The Mauser: (unlocked in "The giant" on level 5) same as origins which involves the same stats as the M1911, but when upgraded becomes the boomhilda witch has little splash damage but packs one hell of a direct hit. 

Snub: (Unlocked in "The Shadow of Evil" on level 7) holds 6 in the chamber and 20 out (at max) but it is stronger then the Mr6, yet it's most helpful asset is that it's got penetrating rounds to hit multiple zombies in collateral. Upgraded it gets totally tricked out gaining a kick-back, a larger barrel, a sight, and the bullets are actually tiny heat-sealing missiles it fires out to hit the zombies in view. Doesn't get much more amo though. (6 in the chamber, 30 out) 

M1911: (unlocked by presteiging in any map) you know what these stats are. 

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