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Specialist Abilities / Weapons in Zombies?

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I don't mean like literally the exact specialist system, because every decision you make in zombies affects gameplay, and no external decisions. Consequently a conventional character select or create a class has never been implemented. But still, it seems like a few of the abilities or weapons could work in zombies, albeit implemented in a way more conventional to Zombies. We already saw the girl in SoE do a Grav Spike slam (although it looked more electrical) yet it was more or less the same idea. Do you think the other MP Specialist weapons could fit in zombies? Surely not ALL of them. The Anihilator hand-cannon thing seems a little unnecessary. Then you run into the issue of the Tempest being borderline a WonderWeapon in itself. As it is almost the WunderWaffe.

The Specialist abilities themselves are even more problematic, as it would make sense to make them character specific, yet Treyarch would never do that in Zombies. I'd imagine the weapons could just come out of the box, but maybe there's a new perk that you can buy and cycle through to get a specialist ability? You know, like you can re-buy it and whatever you get over-writes the previous one? To be honest that could be exactly what the Gumballs do, but we can't be sure yet. 


Anyway, thoughts? Which abilities / weapons would work, if any? Any ideas for clever ways of implementing them? 

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I don't think it would be a good idea to have them be character specific. People would drop if they didn't get their favourite. 

The real problem that I could see is that one of the abilities will always be OP compared to the others, so everyone will just go for that one, thereby making the others completely useless. 

As a random power up drop, it would be ok to have them cycle through the drops before a player picked it up. Think the monkeys in Shangri-la. 

As for which ones would work, the time travel one wouldn't really work well, but the crossbow, machine gun hand (basically a more mobile death machine), and spike would be decent. 

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Psychosis sounds interesting. 

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