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Seven Deadly Sins

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Alright, so I've been in the chat room and I think I'm onto something. So the trailer referenced sin, right?

Femme Fatal- Lust. Using her body to get what she wants, she manipulate men with her beauty.

The Magician- Pride. Confident that nothing can stop him, this man is arrogant and believes everything will go his way.

The Boxer- Wrath. This man doesn't seek to win, he seeks to inflict damage on people- unleash his wrath on them.

The Cop- Greed. This man will take any job if he gets the proper bribe.

Now, bear in mind these classifications are based purely off of the character profiles and I don't know anything more about them. Yeah, not exactly seven sins yet but, it's a start. Anywho, onto the next part.

We've seen a three-headed monster. What's a three headed monster I know of? Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of the Greek Underworld. This monster could represent the three remaining sins, sloth, envy and gluttony. Also, Illuminati confirmed.

Again, just an idea I'm bouncing off you guys. Seeya!

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Is there any way Sloth Envy and Gluttony could apply to the Mob of the dead gangsters?

Finn as knows for just sitting on the toilet all day reading the newspapers once he got into alcatraz. Perhaps Sloth? He mostly kept to himself too so that means he wasn't too social with anyone else at that point. A bit of a Longshot but could still apply

Albert Arlington is probably the most innocent of the 4 and maybe that's why he was able to escape total damnation

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LOL I was literally going to make a topic on this today, but was trying to think of how it tied into the MoTD characters. I couldnt make a connection to the MoTD 4 so I kinda gave up.

I agree on all 4 accounts as well as the cerberus part.

However, there was an interesting theory that the alien stuff might actually be Nova 6, since it bears a strong resemblance to the new miniboss.

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That was among my first thoughts (now I remember what the boss reminds me of) but we'll have to actually play the map to see if there are any Nova-6 barrels or some shit. Something tells me it's a bit too early for Nova 6 to exist, though.

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