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Nuketown concept

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Many people have stated that they'd like to see nuke town return in BO3, and many people have shown "Totally legit" footage of Nuketown leaks. 

In all honesty, it's not unthinkable that nuke town will be in BO3, infact it's almost more unlikely to NOT be in it. 

However one has to remember: Thrusts. 

One of the biggest parts of nuke town was the fact you could hide in corners and behind busses, however if thrust jumps are implemented then these features take a dive. The small nature of the map is also somewhat off-putting. 

So I've devised a concept Multiplayer map to accommodate these issues. Remember, I'm trying to keep the map as SIMILAR to nuke town as I can without limiting gameplay. There will be sacrifices from both sides, I'm not god.


Either way, the map is now called Nuketown: 2065, as that's the tittle most prefer to use. 

The map now consists of two areas: Above ground and bellow ground. 

Above ground the two houses are now much larger buildings, inside there's an elevator in the front room of both and stairs along the back of the building in the form of a clear tube. The actual windows of both are now much higher up, to the point thrusting up here isn't possible unless preformed along the sides where the lattice would be in the original map. The elevator can be used to go up, or down bellow ground. The interior of the building is mostly not accessible. The stairs up will only allow you access to the back door and the front of the building's bedroom where one can snipe off the balcony. All in all the 2 buildings are simply bigger, but still similar. 

Furthermore multiple man-holes around the map are now open and can be jumped down to reach the lower levels. However, certain heavier classes like Reaper can't fit through man-holes. The greenhouse, fire-place, and grill stations are replaced with different futuristic forms of the same thing. Cars are still there and look cooler. 


Now, should one fall down a man-hole or take an evevator, they may find themselves in the lower half of the map, which is ACTUALLY the ORIGINAL nuke-town which has been buried. You can look around and find the different building aspects, and even see the (recently placed) nuke that will go off, because there isn't one above. Here one has full movement in the underground cave, but the rock cuts off the ceiling just above the houses. Furthermore, if one above finds a red button in one of the houses, they can push it and flood the lower levels with water. 


Easter egg: As with all nuke-towns, there is an easter egg. Around the map are X amount of mannequin heads, but now, they're androids which will walk and even wave hello to you. Shoot their heads off (all above ground) within 2 minutes and you can then travel to the land bellow, where there's now a bunch of little mini-nukes which can be picked up and thrown like the bombs off the funhouse map in Advanced warfare. Throw one of these at the MAIN nuke and you'll get a warning, and the nuke will be aborted, meaning NO explosion at the end, fallowed by an easter egg song. When one completes the map and starts up the next game on any map, they start with an item in their inventory: A lever. 

The lever actually plays a part in the NEXT map's easter egg, so wait until I release that!

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Omg, i hate nuketown. I will actually refuse to buy the game if it is even hinted at being in the game. 

Your version does seem much better though.

Also, below (under), bellow (holler).

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Nuketown is just an overused concept. I don't really care how many 6 year olds would like it to return. Most of them don't even know what Black Ops 1 is. It's been used on: Mw2 mods, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. That's technically 3 games. I don't think there's ever been a map used more than twice, and if any map deserves to be made more, it is NOT Nuketown. It's small, easy to spawn trap no matter what abilities you may have. It was ok in Black Ops but it's just a nuisance in Black Ops 2. I would hate to see it return again.

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