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  1. Hello, fellow CoD Zombies players, and welcome to this little theory-ish thing that I created after just watching the end cut scene of Zetsubou No Shima *Obviously, spoilers*. Is every map in Black Ops III different timelines? Now, my reasoning for this is because after watching the end cut scene, it literally made no sense to me. First off, our old Takeo was never that beat down. He still loved the emperor and still believed he had his honor. Also, although we wouldn't know if he did or not, from our knowledge, he never went to a Division 9 facility. In our original timeline, this neve
  2. The webs were ALWAYS very possibly nothing. And they all tried telling you that. You should seriously stop saying that things are "definitely" or "100%" when you don't actually know for sure, because when it turns out to be false, you can sometimes look like an ass, or even an idiot.
  3. Chicago, Illinois is the only thing that makes the slightest sense in this leak.. This is supposed to be connected to MoTD, which wasn't even connected to the main storyline. They were in purgatory, and Hades/The Devil was sending the zombies after them, it wasn't the same zombies as we see in other maps, so the zombies can't be "extinct". And even if it isn't the same thing, the zombies can't go extinct as long as someone is in control off the MTD, right? But I strongly believe that the Shadow Man is the announcer in this game, AND he's controlling the zombies just like Hades/The Devil. Build
  4. Excuse me? BO1 is probably one of the best cods out there. Firing Range is actually a fairly decent edition, and none of the memories are "crap". Just because you personally do not like a game, doesn't mean you need to hate on it. Even if it wasn't good to the general public, it still have more players than Ghosts and Mw3 combined. I can agree with you completely on ditching Summit and Nuketown. They're trash maps. But Firing Range is an amazing map, one of my personal favourites.
  5. Nuketown is just an overused concept. I don't really care how many 6 year olds would like it to return. Most of them don't even know what Black Ops 1 is. It's been used on: Mw2 mods, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. That's technically 3 games. I don't think there's ever been a map used more than twice, and if any map deserves to be made more, it is NOT Nuketown. It's small, easy to spawn trap no matter what abilities you may have. It was ok in Black Ops but it's just a nuisance in Black Ops 2. I would hate to see it return again.
  6. To fix the problem people seem to have with punishing people for leaving while actually having a reason, just make it to where if you leave the game after being downed/bled out, then you can't play for 5-10 minutes. Or just if you leave at all 5-10 minutes.
  7. You act like the Xbox is all children.. you know that most of the kids I've met prefer Playstation? Which is why I'm an Xbox/PC gamer? I'm glad that Playstation gets DLC first now, they deserve after us getting it all this time, but you can't expect anything to change because a new console gets DLC first now, can you? Because that's a bit biased towards PLaystation being full of "adults", which is it not. Same with the Xbox. Both have children and both have adults. Playstation just payed extra this year to get DLC, that's not going to change ANYTHING about the Zombies nor the youtube community
  8. I saw "Gift Certificate to Ruby Tuesdays" and I had to click that one.
  9. What if Origins Richtofen actually was the Richtofen we play as through World at War up to Moon? I know that sounds crazy because they have different personalities and are from different times, let alone different dimensions. But quotes in the trailer and what happens just generally point to it for me. First, Takeo's quote "You need to awaken the test subjects." Clearly, he's talking about the original crew, Prime Takeo, Prime Dempsey and, Prime Nikolai. Richtofen wouldn't just DO what Takeo says, so why did he during World at War? Through his own free will? Richtofen seems a bit too cocky to
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