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  1. Hello, fellow CoD Zombies players, and welcome to this little theory-ish thing that I created after just watching the end cut scene of Zetsubou No Shima *Obviously, spoilers*. Is every map in Black Ops III different timelines? Now, my reasoning for this is because after watching the end cut scene, it literally made no sense to me. First off, our old Takeo was never that beat down. He still loved the emperor and still believed he had his honor. Also, although we wouldn't know if he did or not, from our knowledge, he never went to a Division 9 facility. In our original timeline, this never happened, or at least from what we know, it didn't. Now, I'll talk about evidence in Der Eisendrache. It is completely possible for Dempsey to have been tested on, on the moon,but not really believable. BUT, why would we blow it up if Samantha was on the moon? That makes no sense. I doubt Richtofen would kill Samantha. One more thing that stands out to me, is the fact that Richtofen uses the summoning key to use rift portals the leave where Old Takeo just died, The last time we saw Richtofen use a rift portal, it was to travel through dimensions. So here's my theory: Is Richtofen going through different dimensions, killing different versions of our characters? Clearly, the Richtofen that got killed, was OUR Richtofen that we once knew. We're unsure if the Dempsey is the same Dempsey, but it doesn't seem like he's from the same universe as old Richtofen, because if he was, Richtofen wouldn't just blow up the moon, along with Samantha. And this Takeo clearly can't be the original Takeo. You could say that it's the old Takeo, just in the future, but that doesn't make any sense at all. There's is one flaw I see in this, and that's that there is a note in Der Eisendrache that is written by Takeo about going to spy on Division 9. But I'm just going to cop out and say: 115 Displacement. Tell me what you think about this?

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