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BO3 Nuketown?

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Think they will make another Nuketown? Do you want another Nuketown or is it played out? I always wished they would have opened it up to the whole block, but I guess that would take away from what Nuketown is. 

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Outside nuketown

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I want nuketown very far in the future. Actually I want the remade maps to be voted for, this would be very interesting. 

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Everyone loves Nuketown - it's gotta be in it, but not just remodeled. The bigger question is whether it'll be a bonus map that comes with the standard game or an "exclusive map with Season Pass holders".

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Actually here's an idea, in the new secret website, on day one is a sort of augmented reality thing which depicts a sort of simulation based on Greek/Roman lifestyle. It'd be cool to have a map of nuke town, however the clock tower could be shot to change it between 


Nuketown decayed (re-creation of the zombies map) 

Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2055 (A futuristic setting with helpful panels like aperture science which can be deployed at will by holding X on a wall terminal. 

Likewise theres' a 5 second delay when the map switches causing everyone to go slow-mo. In this time you have limited movement, but can shoot through all walls. 

This could cause some serious changes in the map, like say you chase a guy in desolated nuke town, but he starts camping behind a wall, well instead of approaching him directly, shoot the clock, this causes the map to change time to nuke town 2025 where there is no wall for the guy to hide behind. 



This has inspired me to create a list of futuristic maps now for BO3! 


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