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The grapple

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Ok, so in AW we finally got to experience the grapple attachment in multiplayer, but alas, it only comes in the latest DLC... 


Now, the issues with the grapple, revealed in an interview boiled down to one thing: 

-Most maps wern't meant for it. 

Pity, but many of the maps have areas that wern't meant to be crossed with exos let alone grapples. 


Now: BO3 is coming soon and will feature robotics around human improvement. I don't think exos will make a return, but the grapple could work with the whole metal arm thing seen in the cover art. 


2 places this could be implemented: 

1-Multiplayer: It would give speed and verticality likely not offered by other players. But there are plenty of ways to nerf it to make it fair. 

2-Zombies: Here it would be a lot less of an issue. It could be a weapon from the box even (and would take up a weapons slot). It would add mobility and speed. But only certain places can be grappled to and it would likely be limited as well.

In zombies you would be given a limited charge on the weapon. When that charge runs out, you receive a bit of splash damage when you recoil, (unfixable with flopper). The farther you grapple the more damage you take and the more energy it takes to survive. It can be used as well to stab zombies from a distance doing the same damage as your current melee weapon. 

Upgraded it could become the zip-line and it would gain the ability to pull zombies from where they are by using the grapple while prone. If you jump after grappling the grapple will actually pull you towards the zombie. Likewise if you fire a grapple while standing at anything and stand still, it will keep the line there, allowing a player to use the line as a zip-line going downhill only, be careful, if you move the zipline retracts pulling you to where the other player is. 

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I actually had the idea for this grapple type thing before it was in AW. Its interesting as it could make gameplay very smooth. I would love in multiplayer for the game to feel like Titanfall, with the parkour, wall running and double jumps but grappling would make it all the more smooth. It reminds me of Attack on Titan actually which is where I got the idea. In zombies, I personally would not mind it. It would be interesting for them to have the same ability as players but I personally do not think that this will happen. Anyways I know people don't like wall running and stuff but I do because im a big Titanfall fan and I can play it better than Call of Duty :P

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Wall-running is one thing to me, it's plausible by anyone it just now offers a level of parquor. Grapples are as well a possible. I should mention grapples would only be possible with a protective suit as to the whole velocity thing and sudden impact. 

DOuble jumps and boosts are what I don't approve of. They'd make the game too much like AW. 

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The tramplesteams offer a similar function, not exactly the same, but similar. 

As for the grapple, id like to see it in MP and zombies regularly IMO. But it can only be gotten from the box. Maybe you have to pay DLC for it? Or maybe it's a hardened edition specialty before it becomes purchasable 4 months later? IDK. It should'nt be a reliable item but I feel like getting it from the box early rounds should help access the map faster. And only 1 player can have it as well. 

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Well, looks like you were right! The grapple was shown a few times to connect melee attacks throughout the reveal. And even your human battery idea is proven. After every jetpack or powerslide, your character has to "recharge" before they can do it again. 


Hell of a job! 

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