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The Co-ordinates, what do they mean?


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Well, the co-ordinates lead to Zurich and the October 6th Bridge in Egypt. 
What do we know.

The Coordinates lead to the Zurich lake. Which from the history froze over in 1963! Remember that year. 

The October 6th Bridge in Egypt. What happened in Egypt October the 6th. The Yom Kippur War started on that day in 1973. 

These dates seem unrelated. 
But, In reference to MrDalekJD's video. People had been reporting about the letter missing from certain weapons, which he rearranged to get the B41. Which is a nuclear warhead. 
Meaning that we could have been given a potential time frame for when Bo3 is set. The Teasers on snapchat could be talking about a nuclear winter, which ties in with the B41 Warhead. 

Zurich lake froze over in 1963, which is the same year that the B41 was moved out of service. 

During the Yom Kippur War, the code name for a Nuclear Warhead was 'Temple'. So my first assumption from this was zombies storyline? The pyramid is a temple to control the aether.

Where is this all going you ask? I reckon, there is going to be a zombie map that takes place in Egypt. There are Pyramids in Egypt, maybe we are going to pay them a visit in the future and the storyline could lead us there. 

(Sorry if the ordering of this post was a little awful, just trying to get my idea across)

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You have to remember that Black Ops 3 isn't going to be just Zombies. If anything, these coordinates are for locations in the campaign.

​True, But we know what Treyarch are like with throwing in little teasers which you have to look for. Also, if we back track to the Buried opening cut scene we do see the Pyramids in there. Which could be a deliberate thing by Treyarch as a hidden hint towards this next installation of zombies, or it could have been there as some scenery. 
I do agree though that the trailer does have to be taken with a pinch of salt about it's relation to the game as a whole!

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The first zombies map to be released won't be the pyramids. I say this not because there's no way it would happen, but because the first(disc) map to be released does actually have it's limits. 


- It's going to be the BIGGEST map possible for the game, and typically that requires a wide open area like tranzit or Kino. The pyramids would be quite small, not in actual size, but in exploitability. 

-The map has to be simple: NO gimmicks. Just a map to get the basics down. New players may start off with this zombies, know nothing about it's lore or purpose, and it can be off-putting if they start fighting in an unfamiliar environment: Nact is an every-day broken-down bunker. Kino is a broken-down theater (large building). Tranzit is a broken-down town with secret research lab. Outbreak (yes even exo-zombies and extinction fallow these rules) was an abandoned lab, Point of contact was a ruined, flat, city.  Pyramids would add a feel of claustrophobia and/or verticality that may be off-putting. Nact, Kino, Tranzit, Point of Contact and Outbreak are fairly simplistic in design. 

-What point would any of them have to go to the pyramids? They walked right by them before, why are they important now? 

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Today, I was at the Coordinates 47.3667 N, 8.5500 E from the teaser. It's in fact no prison, but an office building under preservation of sites. I made three pictures, two of the building itself and one of the plaque where some historical background is written on:






"Rear Falcon-Castle"

-1850: Complex: Cigar factory in truss-construction-style, created by Wilhelm Waser (1811-1866).

-1867: Conversion to a farmstead in swiss woodwork-construction-style, conducted by Theodor Geiger (1832-1882) for textile manufacturer Rudolf Schoeller from Breslau.

-1870: Extensive construction to convert the building into a free- and brick-stone structure, by Th. Geiger, street side as Renaissance-Palazzo.

-1914: The construction receives the look it maintains to this day from Richard von Muralt (1882-1957).

[under preservation of sites of historic interest since 2003]


PS: This is my first post, so hello everybody! Been reading this forum for a long time now, so I thought it was time to create an account.




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