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  1. And then we share the whistle. I realize what’s coming. A little annoying at first, then nothing after. But as badly as I want to look up and search the sky, I never do. Her hands have found mine and now I’m searching for something else, sharing in something else. I see what the man with the beard saw before he had a beard. Not just the moment before this giant, gorgeous crater becomes another kind of one, -is this whistle from a bomb or a,meteor?
  2. hunter the leak happens in Singapore and the drone attack in LA. But there is a.part where they talk about the Hollywood bowl being in another bowl made by a crater or something. I'll try and find it.
  3. is V.E.R.S.I.O.N. an A.I. Maybe Base off a real physical brain ? What could it stand for? I think it may be losing its own mind. Was it this first part of module 3 or 4 says Singapore where it is clearly in Zurich. Also was Hollywood hit by a meteor or bomb?
  4. I'm dumb. What happens was a search for coalesence corp brought me to a page with the address coalescent corp. I didnt notice. False alarm sorry
  5. I thought so too but the address leads to a house and I got that name from the ember teaser. Dont put it past Treyarch to make a very real looking site. I dunno their home page looks like a zombie hand for cripes sake ​ plus they way they talk about themselves on their website sounds like it fits perfectly
  6. at :56 there is a flash of a massive solar reflection array. And what is that on the statue at that same time sorry for all the posts i cant get it to edit
  7. I see 621 in different forms a lot in this video. What could it mean?
  8. also at 1:15 is Cairo in top right 1:20 looks like a virus with 115 at top left and bottom right
  9. at the 1:00 minute mark in ember it will say 2025 but flashes Singapore with the coordinates from the first teaser
  10. In the event of an emergency situation in the USA Banished War Criminal from цереидите that's what I got
  11. I think the unmarked man is trying to help us figure this out just like Hudson was trying to help mason figure things out. I think tberyre the same. He is telling us to literally listen to his voice maybe analyze the sounds more. Has anyone kept track of the length of each clip either to see if that forms anything? Maybe Hudson was the first to under go cybernetic implants.
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