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That First Map....

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Remember World at War?



The way the pulled off zombies was perfect then.



After you fly the flag of Soviet Russia over Berlin, the Nazis were defeated, Hitler's reign of terror was over, the Americans successfully conqured the Japanese, you beaten the game.


Credits roll as you have a sigh of relif it's over.


What's next? Go on Multiplayer, maybe re do some missions on co op...


You then skip the credits but what's this?



A cutscene?


A new mission?


You're an unnamed soldier, clearly injured in some mysterious foggy, you see a group of people approaching you, are you being kidnapped by remaining Nazi/Japanese soldiers?


You blink and one of them is running at you.... oddly.


Then NAZI ZOMBIES comes up in big bloody letters on your screen, when you're then dropped into this mysterious place with demonic laughter and weird writing all over the place, armed only with a pistol, a knife and 2 grenades.


You run around trying to see what you need to do.


No objective.


Then, you hear a mysterious groaning sound, you rush to a window and see the undead approaching the window.


What is this?


What is going on?


Why are the zombies here?


How do we end this?


So many questions arose, the main one (I remember) being:


Can we escape?


There's only one way out.... death.



You can try, but in the end, you'll always be overrun by the undead while some mysterious laughter plays when you die.....











This is what BO1/BO2 lacked. Genunine creepiness and surprise.


The very first time I played Nacht on WAW after beating the main campaign was a surprise and the intro was creepy as hell the first time I saw it.




Personally, "Five"'s intro was OK, but nothing compared to Nacht's at all.



Just sharing my opinion on how Zombies isn't as creepy as it used to be.


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I really agree with this post, it puts how zombies has evolved into perspective.

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It's why it's still my top 3 best maps. It never lost that feeling of helplessness, it's not to be played for hours, no PaP no perks (unless you're on BO1) and it's just 100% survival skill.



Plus I'm a fan of any Blue/Grey tone zombies map.

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I'll take a map like WAW's any day, as that was most like a zombie apocolypse, destroyed buildings, fairly reasonable weapons, no clue of what's happening.



Don't get me wrong, I like the storyline, but still, it's just so unique when you first play zombies and you try your hardest to figure out why zombies are here.


Anyone who's first COD Zombie game was BO2 has missed out on a lot of the story.



Plus, I like how hard WAW is, I can't get past round 14 on Verruckt, yet can easily get to round 40 on Buried.



Finally, I'm still wondering how we went from real weapons (WW2/1960 era) to weapons that look like they're out of Spyro the Dragon. (Staffs that shoot fire etc.)

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Can we escape? well... no... Not for another 4 and a half years....

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Can we escape? well... no... Not for another 4 and a half years....


Why whats in four and a half years apart from another Treyarch COD?

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