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Call of Duty: Rouge

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A soldier can always tell himself that should he die, other soldiers can take his place.. They've got their whole country to take care of, and it to look after himself… At least they should… Not anymore… 



2017: The day a man under the name of Warren Shults begins working for the U.S. Government. People like him, he works, he gets things done, he was credited with the take down of the top 7 world terrorist of his time. By 2026, he'd made his way to secretary of the house… Big job… But not big enough for him…. 


I worked for 10 years in the military before being called to work for the secret service. I worked for another 2 there. Life was fine. Easy. Got to go home to my wife and kid every day… December 14th 2028: The day I found my wife dead in my own house and my son gone, a red moon painted on the wall in their blood. Fitted the same MO as over a thousand other massacres worldwide, committed all at exactly the same time. 



The president, accompanied by his secretary, deemed this an act of terrorism and conspiracy. I deterred from accepting my wife dead and son gone as the effects of a damn terrorist group right under our noses whom left NO trace. It wasn't possible to me… I decided to take time off… Today was my last shift…. 





Tuesday: December 13th: 11:30 P.M. 

White house: Washington DC


I walked my normal rounds as usual… My instructions were to head forward…. But I felt cold… Unusually cold… Someone had left a window open… I went to close it… I open the door to the, supposedly empty, oval office. I open the door, then as if appearing out of no where… Two bullets fly in taking out the president and vice president…I don't know why they were there… I don't know how to bullets had appeared out of nowhere…. The secretary walked in…  He looked up at me… Smiled… And screamed bloody murder that I had shot the president… Next day I woke up inside a prison cell.. I was soon pronounced guilty and sentenced to death…. 



Thursday: December 22nd 12:00Noon

Block 9 


The court had sentenced me to die via lethal injection…. I was led down the hall from my cell… All seemed lost. 


Miraculously… One of my escorts… Out of nowhere. Turned and shot the other. 

Escort: "Alright boy, you know what this is: Prison break time!… Lets hope no one heard that…. Eh… Either way… RUN!" 


I fallowed this man… I had no idea who he was or what he wanted… But It offered me a chance… It offered me hope… 




NRis Pistol:       14 rounds in the barrel, 60 max in reserve,  adjustable scope. Lightweight. 


Grundy-O5:   Shotgun, 6 rounds in the cannon, 20 in reserve. Sonic blasts from this number reach up to 10 feet in front of you and have decent spread. Extra damage on AI controlled devices. 


Zsasz:  SMG  40 rounds in the barrel, 120 in reserve. Adjustable fire. 


Ludwig auto: Unlike most guns, this number actually has an activate-able turret that will fire at the target automatically, as well as anyone sneaking up from the sides. It's not as powerful as the main weapon however and takes up more amo. SMG 40 shots in the barrel. 100 Extra. 


Multi-grenades: Like advanced warfare's grenades that let you choose which grenade you're using. Comes with 3 settings as of now: 1: EMP 2: Flash bang 3: Smart bomb. 


Eventually we reached an elevator, upon riding down, the escort took off his helmet and turned to me. 

"I'm sorry, I'm being rude. Name's Arthur Wells, and you must be Mr. Howitz." 

"Yes sir…" 

"Pleasure to meet the man who "shot" the president, ha ha… Anyways look… Can't talk much now.. We need to be ON the little blue circle, on the roof, at EXACTLY 12:45. No exceptions. You screw up and you've only delayed your death by a few minutes. You succeed and you'll live another day." 

"What.. Wha… Who…" 

"No time boy, shoot the americans so we can save america!"



The heat signature:  A specialized crossbow, after latching to one enemy, it will then fire and hit another, the gelorium (made up element to progress story) pulls the heat out of one soldier, freezing them, and pumps it into the other setting them ablaze. Does not effect machines unless airborne. 




Eventually you will reach the roof, and just before you can get fired on, a massive hole opens up in the floor beneath you. To the rest of the world it appears you died in the explosion. 



"What just happened?" 

Marcus: Oh goody it verked! 

A: Course it did! What I'd tell ya Marcus. 

Howits: Where are we? 

A: Welcome to fortress M-36. Top secret facility built by me. Funded by me. And well… Everything else was done by Marcus over there... Welcome to Antarctica. 

H: How are we in Antarctica… Four minutes ago we were in Block 9! 

M: Ah, my most brilliant invention: The field mark. A brilliant device. With it, I've managed to punch holes in the fabric of space, pulling you from one point in space, to another.

H: How?

A: Simple, it's all around you. You may not know it, but tiny little specs of tiny little bits of rare earth minerals…. Some have more properties then one thinks…. For example, when charged the gelorium in that gun's line pulls heat away from an area like a high powered magnet.  This talorium here has the ability to bend light. Hyperbitarium: Can copy and recreate entire cells to the dot.  Arthicium, discovered by me, manages to pull any two points in space together. Over the past six years, Marcus and I have spent day and night working with these to create weaponry and complex mechanics to keep us alive against the rest of the world's armies. We are the elite, the best, and the totally insane. What are we even doing here Marcus, we're completing suicide mission after suicide mission and I just can NOT think, please fill him in. (Goes to find small toy in the corner) 


M: Excuse him… He's got a bit of a screw loose…. Anyway, during world war two my grandfather realized the horrors the german government had become he left and fled to southern africa, where he came into contact with this guy's grandfather. The two of them then stumbled upon a gold mine, as in literally a gold mine. They didn't use conventional methods, but they managed to acquire over 3 billion dollars in solid gold. They went to work on project "Giga" which was an advanced weaponry development and world protection agency. We take the best in, we give them better then the best weapons, and we try our hardest to keep the world from falling apart. Grandad couldn't stop the germans… But we prevented the cold war from heating up, and stopped conflict against the middle east in 2015. Our troops used to be the best of the best. That is… Until one Warren Shultz came in… He was top of his class. Then all of a sudden.. One day… He just snapped… Killed all the others with the use of a single proton weapon…. I lost my legs and Arthur there suffered sever damages to the mind… Says he's hearing voices now… Shultz took our weaponry and used it's technology to climb to secretary of state… Now.. He is president of the united states…. 


A: And I'll be DAMNED if it stays that way, one does not kill fifty of the world's best and most peaceful troops and get to become a leader. 


M: Not to mention.. Whatever he has planned… he's got the whole US army behind him… Nein, the entirety of the US population believes him. 


H: So why am I here? Huh? 


A: You were framed for the murder of the presidents… You seemed like the only person in the world to believe us in supporting our cause to assassinate the new president. 








Typically how it will play out is after the initial two missions in which one can only play as Howitz, you recruit two more soldiers: Marlo Taluca: Technitian. And Alice Flaurn: Weapon's specialist. From this point on you can invite other people to play missions to help progress via Xbox live/PSN. 

"So… We get to use Advanced Warfare?" 

"Cool we'll be like black ops!" 

"We'll be as stealthy as Ghosts!"

"What are you talking about Ghosts have nothing to do with stealth




The five elites will continue to hop from point in the world to point in the world, collecting more and more advanced technology along the way. All the while involving dangerous elevator scaling (to which one reaches the bottom to find Arthur had just used the stairs), drone usage, and portal takedowns. Meanwhile, they uncover their main objective: project Niro.. Which by its self seems horrible to begin with. 


It's eventually revealed that project Niro was a plan to sink the lower half of america in warfare. The plan involved cutting off all access and communication to the lower world, then burning it with plasma technology amplified on a massive scale. The destroyed land would then be turned to factories for the advancement of warfare. 













Skipping ahead: 



Multiplayer Advancements: This is hard due to advanced warfare's exo abilities, but I think you'll like: 



Portals: There are all kinds of portals in this gamemode: 


Portal beams: Fired from your weapons, one can place a "Marker" at any location, then once the beam is fired anywhere on the map, one can create a portal BACK to the marker. 


Portal Fields:  A bit trickier, they're timed. Place one down and after a bit of time (set by choosing "10 seconds, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or detonation in which one must detonate a bomb to travel) and a field will ingulf the player after the chosen time and warp them back to where they set it. Useful for traveling back to players. 


Travel rods: Toss these where you want to, it will create a warp point in which one will teleport to shortly after being tossed, so one can throw one up a ledge, turn, shoot one of the two guys fallowing him, then turn and then teleport away. It takes time to recharge these however. 



Interesting maps: 


Void: Takes place in space with zero gravity. Portal mechanics and the use of oxygen sealed environments will come to be your savior. Avoid being blown to bits by enemy weapons whilst in a space suit, but don't try to leave without one! 



Free-fall: Your team is placed 10,000 feet in the air, on a flying aircraft carrier that then fails and begins dropping debris. Use the debris and your portal abilities to avoid hitting the ground and splattering your bones. 



Mutation: A chemical bio-engenering plant filled with liquid chemicals. At any point one can portal toxic fluids out or enemys into massive vats of poison!



Energy: This map involves one of the strangest techniques yet: The ability to conserve matter.  I discussed this in my map idea "converge". In this mode, one will be able to swap out the main chamber, the center of the map, for another chamber. Players trapped inside will be forced to take drastic measures, trapped inside with the enemy, until the timer runs out and they get pulled back into the main map. There are three separate computer-controled rooms for the chamber: Dark swamp, Island paradise, and city. 



Reality: This is a training simulator gone wrong when one joins a fake environment filled with real enemys. Players will find joy in the ability to walk through some virtual walls to take down enemys, as well as be confused by fake teammates. 




935: Oh yes. This map takes place in an abandoned research facility (not der reise, not Shino, not griffenstation, not anything we know) this map contains all kinds of cool whiz. It has a wonderwaffe one can build to take down the enemy team, it has quarantine locks which can release zombies into the battle ground for a bit. Amazing. 







Moon jump: Gives one the ability to jump as high as in advanced warfare. 


Portal jammer: Will allow one to lock onto an enemy portal and change it, making them come out in a place they don't want to be. 

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