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Good NDU strategies

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When the game first came out, we didn't have broadband. So I'd literally play solo for ages. I always used to go through the help door upstairs, and then camp next to the staircase (by the grenades), keeping an eye on the window on the right. This strat isn't great though, on your own, you'll be lucky to get 10+

After a few months of playing though, I came up with another strategy. If you open the help door, and leave the staircase closed in that room, then camp out at the bottom of the room (by the Thompson). The zombies come from every angle, but you can actually dodge and weave the zombies. I've gotten to about round 17 doing this.

The same strategy works with multiple players, but you'll all need to take a window.

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IMO I like opening up the stairway at spawn and go upstairs leaving the help door closed allows you to camp the box till you get a good weapon combo also it's easier to run circles or "trains" with the help door closed I think 21or 22 is my high solo on this map

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I've made it to round 22 or 23 with 4 of us downstairs with the Mystery Box room stairs closed. No glitch BS. We had the grenade stairs open for grenades, but if possible, Leave that stair way closed as well. We had 1 person on window duty downstairs and 3 of us watched the doorway, with one of us halfway watching that wall barrier. All of us had HK21's and RPK's and Ray guns with all of us having monkey's as well. So everyone was well equipped and on the same page. 


Another strategy would be to camp the upstairs, either in the grenade room, keep that stairwell closed off, and open up through Mystery box room.(Most popular method) Highest I've made it up there was to round 19 by grenades.

The other option upstairs, is way in the back by the sniper rifle cabinet. It gets so hectic though in higher rounds because they start flooding in on both sides sides.

Also, another downstairs strategy would be keep both stairwell's closed off and camp down by the window near the Thomson. 


Any strategy you choose, however, you need good weapons and a good, strong team to have everyone's back. Everyone needs to be on the same page in Nacht. Since there is no juggernog, It's crucial to know what is going on. The truth is, is that you will die, but how soon is entirely up to you. 

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Good co-op strategy:


Do not, under any circumstances, open the door from the bottom. Go around via the stairs and down to the Mystery Box room. Use the box if you want, and have one (or two) guard the stairs while you (or your friend, or both of ya) keep to guarding windows. This strategy works best with 4 people, but can certainly be done with 2, and... probably 3.

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