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The "Virtual Lobby" of zombies

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So, with the latest released info on advanced warfare we see something that players have DIED to have sense the beginning: SOMETHING to do during player-matching. 



In AW it looks like we will be given the options of class set up, researching the enemy/teammate including their character's look and set-up, as well they can also enter a "firing range (not the map) and practice shooting their guns. Here is MY interpretation of what this could be used for in zombies. 



The new zombies screen is now Nact Der untoten, the HELP room is accessible only with XBL or PSN, however one can set up their local class in the main room with a work bench that sits where mule kick was, one can use this to change one's weapon load out for local games. The knocked over cabinet can be used to research zombie lore in the "archives" section.  To begin an actual game one must travel up the stairs and walk through the doorway which will bring them to the map-selection book, select the map, game mode, and the game starts automatically. 


The real fun is behind the help door. Behind that one can find the box (Which can be used to exchange box load out with my toy box system i have brought to numerous attentions MANY a time), the radio can now be used as a store to buy weapons (to exchange in the box), perms-perks (can be exchanged in the box)  and custom character's clothes model. Characters can be created and changed in the cabinet upstairs, these characters are viewable in one's lobby for any game mode game (survival, grief, ect.) and are played with in these game modes in place of CDC or CIA agents. Furthermore the player you play as will also appear in the Nact lobby. 


Theater mode is accessed by activating the projector in the thompson corner. Options by pushing start and options. Store (DLC) by pushing start and store. 


Players in the same lobby can access the same areas and load out however this is done in the simple menu style with the "barracks" "toy-box" and "shoppe" buttons from a menu accessed when a player activates the table across from the box. The table will ask if you want friends to join the lobby, and then ask for the map you'd like to play. This will take you to the lobby. Here you can find players and check their avatar out in a game mode match, in a story mode match players will get the option to choose the character they play as (Which doubles as ready-ing up). If one gets bored, under the " barracks" "toy-box" and "shoppe" buttons there's a "Practice" button which will let you back out at nact. There are infinite amounts of round 1 (Technically round 0 according to the tallies) zombies. You can grab any weapon you want out of the box, you do not earn points, kills do not go to your rank, you can not get down, it's merely for fun. 


Also much like the virtual reality system that lets one see their character, one can also read up on the type of zombies in the map, such as regulars, stumblers, and other renound zombies the player has met before. 



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Didn't you post this idea before?

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Sorry, this post is incomplete, the beginning was built like this to help explain other parts. 

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