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The Armory: Extinction Teeth Upgrade Master List

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Thanks for the arcing stun ammo + cryptid slayer ammo tip, i was wondering if there was an interaction. And great point on locker key + valid attachments.

I agree with your assessments. I had previously added your view on toughness at the end of mine. I haven't bought it yet, so i didn't change my description of it otherwise. (Updated my post with your input and gave credit, thanks).

I think that the arcing knife is probably useful when surrounded by scouts, but need more test time. It may be more life saving than i think.

I'm torn; do i buy key, toughness, rhino-knife, or go straight back to grinding for csa? I'm thinking csa, then frequency upgrade, then master scavenger, but it might be fun to grab some cheap upgrades after that 1000 teeth grind (which was well worth it, love the double class). Hypno kniving a rhino would be silly, but amusing.


Hmm, for me I went straight for Double Class and then everything else (CSA was the last thing I bought), but it might have been better to get all the other little stuff then go from there. If you do get all the little stuff, don't get Sniper or Stun Ammo until after CSA since it works better with it. 


What map do you play often?

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I opted for some cheap upgrades to break the grind of grinding. I got the key since i had 'keep valid attachments' and that did combo nicely as you said.

I did countless poc runs so i would still keep the other maps pretty fresh, i hardly played this game until August. Now I'm max prestige.

So mostly poc for the easy teeth with relics. I've beat mayday a few times solo.

Update: I beat every map solo except Exodus. No longer grinding for teeth or prestige, it's all fun now.

Poc is still a favorite; i love open, large maps. Mayday and Nightfall are too square, boring as far as map design. Mayday is too easy. Nightfall is a bit hard, which i enjoy. Awakening had that 'no boss fight' ending that i enjoyed from poc, but the map is grey and depressing. Exodus is kind of large, but still overwhelmingly bland to look at. Also, very glitchy. But at least it ramped up the difficulty a bit.

Still on 360.

Edited by 83457

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2 weeks ago, i had a one night stand with destiny, i rented it. Then I took a divorce from ghost. Bought the used copy for $45 and haven't had a chance to get back into Extinction grind. Destiny has been nothing but great so far, keeping me up till nights again. No, I am not selling the game, but it is flat out fun and fresh.


I plan on going back may be next month or whenever I am bored with Destiny.

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Yeah, Destiny came out and this forum completely stagnated.

It looks pretty cool.

Lucky for me that i just got into Extinction after all this teeth stuff was added/jacked up. You will be glad to have double class when you get it.

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Emergency tooth save?

Before, I purchased Toughness for 25 teeth, leaving me 1.

I stayed on the loadout screen then eventually shut off my 360 with 1 tooth left. (Loadout screen was the main page, Armory on top, relics on bottom. I was not on the upgrade screen).

When i came back, i had 26 teeth again and Toughness was un-bought.

So if your controller moves or you just buy the wrong 1 and realize it in time, back to Loadout and shutdown to get them back.

Hopefully that helps...

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Possible completionist tip:

I play solo a lot. I have noticed that Hardcore mode on POC is fairly simple on solo. While you do get swarms of meteors, the Seekers don't carpool in solo, so there is only one per meteor during the swarms (lone meteors, multiple seekers will come).

The increase in traffic makes it easier to get your vulture to pay for itself earlier. $100 per seeker at motel beats $60 (base pay) for scouts and you get a few hunters for extra cash.

The creatures aren't any tougher, taking the same damage as core.

The drawback is that the skill points are limited to challenges and barrier hives only; none are granted at basic hives for destroying them. So build accordingly (medic to +3, vulture to +3, pistol at +2 instead of max class/strike package early).

But here's the good bit: they seem to only give really easy challenges so you can get your skill points. This makes it generally easier to get completionist in solo hardcore than solo core. Yes, you do get 'take no damage' at hive 1 often, but after that it is usually easy, and if you fail the first, just start over.

I have the (t1000) double class upgrade, so i can easily run relics 1,2,9 and pick up the extra teeth from that as well. (Medic + tank for cakewalking teeth runs).

As soon as you do 2 player the constant seekers are much more annoying, but solo, hc is cake and usually gives more teeth (4 for completionist, 1 extra for hc iirc).

Maybe I've just been real lucky with challenges, but i have gotten completionist every hc game solo POC.

Average core solo (miss 1 challenge) = 10 teeth (3 relics).

Average HC solo = 15 teeth (3 relics).

Edit: I finally lost a challenge in hc (leper, which I've never had in hc, on hive 13). But with 3 relics, it still gave me 13 teeth (no completionist, no bonus pool tooth). So it really seems worth it, and it is rather more fun than core.

What to expect: hunter (usually 1) maybe as early as hive 1. Meteor swarms every couple of hives (1 seeker each in solo) starting on hive 3. 1 Rhino per hive in the crater/cabin area.

Good luck and feedback appreciated if this is or isn't working for you.

Edited by 83457

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My Teeth Farm, For when I need a Few. POC Casual I start with a Skill point, Get the First 3 Challenges and Upgrade your Sentry to +4, Stop after the 3rd Hive and Go all the way back to start! Place 2 Sentries one on each side and to where one covers the other. I can leave this for short times Bathroom beer Outside for a Smoke! Your money keeps up to replace when needed but also to fill up on ammo Grenades Armor ect. 1 tooth every 10 min. You can also go past the  1st barrier hive get a few more and return to the spot doing the same. just have Scorpions  and Hunters but still just a few shots here and there needed to keep it going. I once did this at the final hive, worked for 10 min or so them rhino after rhino had 4 at one time + other cryptos

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There is a barely useful exploit that could be done on some consoles. I haven't tried it on 360, but i know that it works on ps4;

For that lone tooth that you really need when at 999 teeth.

After getting your 'bonus pool' tooth, you can go into settings, manually change the day ahead 1 day and the tooth pool resets.

So you would still have to beat a barrier hive (like the tentacle hive on Mayday; 3.5 hives to get that tooth).

So this isn't usually worth it, but it's an fyi.

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After much too much Extinction, it seems that no downs = 2 teeth. From playing solo extinction, nearly identical games, getting 1 down costs me 2 teeth.

However, I am now officially bought out on teeth upgrades; I have them all and am max prestige. No more relic-heavy games required of me. I still need that solo Exodus win though.

Maybe I'll make some randoms happy by giving them csa and arks...

(updated information on post 48)

Edited by 83457

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Hey folk, 83457 here with some teeth news.

In the update (late Nov or early Dec 2014) they gave local mode the same teeth amounts as online, so you can play offline and earn teeth much quicker.

There is no daily pool, but you get teeth for everything else like you would online.

This is especially nice since the hacker attack has made it impossible to sign into xbox live 360 for several days.

Happy gaming!

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How are all of you getting so many teeth? I’m running PoC casual getting only 3 teeth tops, no downs all challenges 300 kills... (PC)

Edited by Losute A Wanderer
Missing info

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4 minutes ago, Losute A Wanderer said:

How are all of you getting so many teeth? I’m running PoC casual getting only 3 teeth tops, no downs all challenges 300 kills... (PC)

According to the CoD wiki, you don't actually get teeth for not going down. Here is the list of all the things that give teeth:



Earn Teeth by Completing Extinction missions. Bonus Teeth are awarded for using relics, playing Hardcore mode, or helping other players complete a mission for the first time


Teeth are also earned by killing 300 Cryptids (regardless of difficulty), achieving ranks 2, 6, 11 and 21 for the first time, and prestiging. You are also awarded 2 teeth for successfully completing 10 challenges in one mission and 4 more for completing all challenges without failing one. You get 4 teeth for a platinum escape, 3 for gold, 2 for silver, and 1 for bronze. You are also awarded one tooth per relic used if the mission is completed. 

It's also important to note you only get extra teeth with up to 3 relics. Any more than that, and you are just challenging yourself for no extra reward. I'm by no means an Extinction expert, but the way I've just earned teeth was playing PoC public matches with three of the easiest relics on on regular difficulty. It's more fun that way IMO than existing boosting methods, and I would end up with around ~10 teeth per match depending on the competency of your teammates with challenges.

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I tried running a casual public match PoC, +300 kills bronze escape all obj 1 relic and only got 1 tooth... does this mean non kill teeth only apply to reg?

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2 minutes ago, Losute A Wanderer said:

I tried running a casual public match PoC, +300 kills bronze escape all obj 1 relic and only got 1 tooth... does this mean non kill teeth only apply to reg?

Possibly... I've never run into that problem and I have never played casual, so that may be it.

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