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Next hidden song?

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I'm not sure if this has been discovered before. If it has then someone either tell me or have a dweller or moderator or someone tear this down. I have noticed when you die on a certain zombie map, the map after that map's (except Five and COTD) hidden song plays. Ex: When you die in kino, the song in the backround is Abracadavre (the hidden song in ascension). Die in Der Riese, 115 plays. Die in Verruckt, The One plays. Die in Shangri-la, Coming home plays. You get the idea. In moon, all I hear is some sort of "space" noise or it can be the beginning of our next song!

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It is general knowledge, but don't worry about bringing it up. If the other threads can be found, they'll be merged. :)

I think there's multiple reasons that there's nothing but the laugh (albeit slower) in Moon's death screen. Some say it's because there is no sound on the Moon, and that is a homage to it.

But I believe they just don't want to give it away, or they just plainly haven't come up with it yet. We don't know what map/s will get straight off the bat, and I'm sure Treyarch knew that as well.

Whatever song is played in the death screen, will be included in some variation in the next map. That locks Treyarch, because each song also represents the map in many ways, from story to map structure to the intensity of the map. They may not have gotten the feel, or even the idea for the next map when they released Moon, so it's understandable why they wouldn't include.

But your probably wondering why they put "115" in Der Riese's death screen. Well Kino der Toten was originally meant for World at War. So they included it into Der Riese thinking they'd be releasing Kino in another 2-3 months after it. But because of the timing of Modern Warfare 2, they decided against it, and instead put in into Black Ops. Had it stayed, I'm sure "Abracadavre" wouldn't have appeared, and it would've been like Moon's. Quiet and eery.

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Wellit could either be (at the end of Moon) perhaps part of the song, like maybe the bridge after the second chorus (is that what you call it?) because usually, Treyarch uses guitars and drums and stuff more on the heavy side, or of they didn't have an idea yet they would put in some filler . . . Unless there's a hidden message :shock:

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