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Is Ipod zombies "real" zombies?

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I think a high round using any device or consule, provided it was not completed using glitching/hacking, is commendable.

The movement system is actually harder, for me atleast, on the IPod than it is on my playstation. This ballences out with being able to locate the zombies behind you, which puts it about a level playing field with the playstation/xbox/wii (with the black controller thing. without it, I can barely aim :? )

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In terms of the story, it is hard to tell if iOS zombies is canon. By canon, that just means whether it holds weight or not.

Some people like to use the Peter's Grave Easter Egg on Shi No Numa to further their idea that Peter is the hanging man on the console, and while that might be true, it doesn't explain how Richtofen gets turned into a zombie in Nacht der Untoten. It is all very touchy and I'd love to say that we can include the Peter EE and exclude the Richtofen EE, but that seems irresponsible so I usually just exclude the entire iOS as proof for anything story wise.

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