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Original Crew Returns: Confirmed?

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For those of you that are wondering if the original characters are returning, I can almost guarantee that they are. For those of you wondering how I came to this conclusion, here is how I found out.

One of my favorite shows is Avatar. In Legend of Korra, The main bad guy is Amon and I was curious as to see who the voice actor for Amon is. I found out that it was Steven Blum. For those of you that don't know who Steven Blum is, he is a voice actor that contributed to many things including Tank Dempsey. So I researched some stuff and I saw this: Call of Duty World At War: Tank Dempsey voiced by Steven Blum

Call of Duty Black Ops: Tank Dempsey voiced by Steven Blum

Call of Duty Black Ops II: Tank Dempsey voiced by Steven Blum

So there you have it.

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There's a screenshot from the link ARAS posted. I checked Nolan North (Richtofen), Tom Kane (Takeo), and Fred Tatasciore (Nikolai) and none of them have the Black Ops 2 thing in theirs. As an interesting side note, some already know this but Fred did Dr. Maxis' voice and Tom did Dr. Schuster's!

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I agree that it would be odd with only Dempsey, I was just saying that is the only one that is listed thus far. ;) And I would change the title too, it makes the most sense to in my opinion.

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