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Zombie's Wish List: Custom Classes

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These are the things I personally think should be included in the next game, some from the past and some new things. Feel free to comment on things you would like to see and things already said that you want to comment on. Also Remember: Next Gen consoles




10: Lobby leader boards and Private matches RETURN: Almost everyone should add this to their lists… It separates the good and the bad, the best It can. 



9: PLEASE bring back the wonder fizz, it's a fantastic perk machine thats abilities should continue throughout the series. 


8: Better weapons: I'm looking at YOU war machine, SMR, and jet gun… 


7: BETTER maps, not BIGGER maps: Map size shouldn't matter to anyone, it's the QUALITY of the maps. This next gen tech. should improve more of what a map can do rather then how much fog one can cram in a map… I'd much rather have a super small map with 1000 things to hold action button on, then a huge map with 50 actions… 



6: Continue the 2nd DLC actors thing: That's good, that needs to stay. It makes money, it's a nice change up of characters, and it improves movie views: Everyone wins!



5: Zombies should not become completely unlocked until you beat campaign on any difficulty. Like five, there should be a map released upon launch, and a different, smaller, unique map released with the game that you have to EARN! 


4: Character customization: Next gen should be able to handle this: 


You now get the ability to: 

-Customize your survival character,

-Customize your box fill,

-Customize your perma-perks

-Customize your starting weapon


Of course, none of this effects gameplay of course: 

-Character's profiles aren't effective of their gameplay

-The box's weapons are balanced as such: 


1: R. Launchers: -must have 1: Rpg or a Launcher 

2: Grenade launcher-must have 1: War machine, or china lake

3: Smgs-must have 3: Thompson, mtar, galil, chi com, type 25, m27, stg, mp40

4: Lmgs-must have 2: Lsat, RPD, Hammer, RPK, h21

5: DW Pistols-must have 1: 5-7 and 5-7duel, Cz, Cz duel. 

6: Pistols-must have 3: Executioner, B23r, Remington new model army, python, kap 40, waW pistols. 

7: Tacticals-primary must have 1: Monkey bombs, Gershes, Revive blasts 

8: Tacticals-secondary- note: A secondary will only appear in maps that do not already have a special tactical.-Can only have 1: Emps, some other wonder bomb, QEDs 

9: Melee/tactical weapon- Must have 1: Ballistic knives, tomahawk (upgrade to hells retriever, double it to the hells redeemer), crossbow

10: Wonder primary: Must have 1: Ray gun, Ray gun M2(comes with dlc, have significant lesser chance of being pulled from the box.) 

11: Wonder Secondary; Like the tacticals, a map with a weapon already containing a wonder weapon will forfeit the secondary, but not holding a secondary doubles your chances at a secondary: Can have 1: Thundergun, wonder waffe, Wave gun (sense BO2 didn't have a representable WW that can be gotten from the box). 



Totally forgot shot guns, but oh well you get the idea… 


3: Upgradable perks- does not include jug: An Idea we've wanted DONE RIGHT for a while. This shouldn't just be a buyable either… It should be EARNED, through kills in a specific area and easter egg type challenges.


Speed cola: Now swaps weapons faster as well

Stamin up: Actually makes you run faster now. 

double tap: Become Double tap 2.0

quick revive: Allows a player to revive themselves in co-op, in solo, there is none. 

Deadshot: collateral headshot amo is given back. 

mule kick: 4 weapons

PHD: Flop anywhere to create blasts

Electric cherry: Adds electric blasts to melee attacks. 

Vulture's aid: Now allows one to see zombies through walls and mini-drops are doubled. 


2: Bring back the O4 characters ONCE, in the final map, as their CURRENT selves… Not the origins pre-experament throwbacks… 


1: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX UP THE STORYLINE! SO MANY THINGS NEED TO BE IMPROVED UPON! WHERE ARE THE O4?!? HOW EXACTLY DOES EITHER BO2 ENDING EFFECT THE OVERALL OUTCOME?! Jesus… SO many answers SHOULD have been answered… but instead we're kept in the dark for 3 years now… Less repetitive towers, more complicated storys like COTD, Shangri-la, and Moon, or even MOTD… Not origins though… That was just tedious…. 





Tell me what you think and what you want to see! 

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People need to let go of the old Double Tap...It was an awful perk that chewed through ammo that I hope to never see again. 

They're not going to go back to the original after everyone's gotten used to the new version, which really isn't even that great, it's just actually useful now. 


Your perk upgrade ideas seem really overpowered, all except Speed Cola's and Stamin Up's. Double Tap 2.0 is staying and it's fine as it is. 


As for the box, I'd rather every weapon have a purpose, an actual purpose instead of just filling space. There is no excuse for weapons like the SMR even being in the box. The War Machine is at least good when PaP'd, the SMR is trash no matter what. 


Character customization won't happen, nor should it tbh. Leave that in MP. 


Why should we have to play through the campaign to unlock a map? What if you bought the game solely for zombies and don't want to play through the campaign for whatever reason? Not saying this would be an issue for me but I just don't see the point in it. 


O4 should come back as the permanent squad or at the very least every other map, the Green Run group just doesn't cut it full-time. 


3 years in the dark? Perhaps I'm not completely up to date here, but isn't the next Treyarch CoD game supposed to be out this November? They switch off every year so unless someone like Sledgehammer finally gets a crack at their own game, it's really less than a year until the next zombies installment. 

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Arn't you doctor supportive….  <_<


Alright: Double tap: Yes it was a horrible perk, which is why upgrading it would make it a worth-while perk. It makes the game more challenging,  but still just the same amount of power to your sidearms….


Perk upgrades aren't that over powered, remember, you can only hold 4, that, plus, they don't actually make you any stronger: 

-Double tap: DT2.0: same as BO2

-EC: Melee attacks past round 13 or so are completely worthless, but the ability to stun a zombie and keep it from hitting you works just like galvaknuckles, only for a slightly longer period of time may just be what you need to get around that 1 zombie. 

-QR: Like in solo, you can only revive yourself once, you still lose all your perks (save you have tombstone perma.), and either way you loose upgraded QR. Totally worthless unless you go down other wise… 

-Deadshot: Collateral damage is rare, maybe with a sniper, you can get one every 1/20 shots, but that isn't enough to sustain amo for much longer. 

-Mule kick: This was seen in buried, and honestly, it seemed more of a hazard then a blessing, as you have to cycle through an extra 3 weapons to get your ray gun back, plus you LOOSE two weapons when you go down now… 

-PHD: Slightly OP, yeah, but you can't tell me you've tried to make a phd flop and accidentally hit a wall or zombie making it not go off, that same principal still applies. 

-VA: Knowing where zombies are is still useless, just because you see them coming around the corner, doesn't mean you can stop them. As for the drops: Not op at all, randomly collecting 3 or 5 amp instead on 1 or 2, or collecting 10-30 points rather then 5-15 is still perfectly ok. 




As for the box: Your horrible weapons are still in there, as well as the wonder weapons… Think of it as being able to exchange 3/5ths of the box's weapons, but only for like weapons. So no "only LMGs and wonder weapons" from the box… It's probability, and type of weapon you'll receive stays the same. The difference now being: If you can't stand the Galil, but love the thompson, it's all yours. 



Character customization would be a great thing! With the Xbox 1's upgraded system (and the PS4's) it should be no hassle. Of course, you don't get to change every character if that's what your thinking. This only apples to game-modes such as grief and survival. You still get samule and co. and whomever else, for the story maps. I figured that would be better then boring CIA and CDC guys… 


You still get zombies if you don't want to play campaign. You just don't get the second map until you do.. Look at past games: Black ops 1: Five, WAW: Nact. It supplies a sense of worth to those who beat campaign. Plus, campaign on easy, is NEVER hard… Quit your whining, and play what the game was designed around. 


As much as I would love to have the actually entertaining group back permanently, it's sad to say we may only get to see them once or twice in the next game… "Their story has ended" say most of the people on this site, and even though it TOTALLY hasn't they don't have enough "backstory" left to make proper characters… 


And yes, 3 years in the dark:        BO1-MW3-BO2: 1 year:         Bo2-ghosts-2year,         ghosts-??? -3years,


you think they're going to release any info on their first map? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! :lol:  Whew… We'll be lucky if we even get a small discussion of how the map we'll get even came to be!

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10. yes

9. yes

8. yes

7. i want better quality maps too,but make them bigger as well. though i wouldnt mind one small map

6. dont really care for this. up to 3arc.

5. again dont swing either way.

4. NO! CUSTOM CLASSES DIE IN FIRE! (just had to say that. its based off a qoute from one of my comedies/satires)

3. yes

2. maybe

1. dont exactly how the storyline itself is effed up. on the other hand 3arc could bring more focus on stuff like the flesh.

edit: character customization i want actually.

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Character Customization would be good. Just for Survival/Grief, etc.

You select Gender, Race, Skin Colour. The big three that set the bar.

For the small but defining stuff. Hair, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Tattoo's/Scars.

For the meat and bones. Shirt, Jacket (On/Off), Pants/Shorts, Shoes/Socks, Hats (On/Off). All these you can choose different styles of, choosing different colours and such.

Last we have accessories. These include Glasses (On/Off), Bracelets, Necklaces, and Miscellaneous (stuff like Samuel's Journal, Marlton's Pens. Just odd things you can include.

Seems a bit big, but we're onto next gen and I think Character Customisation (doesn't have to be to this extent) is easily possible. If it doesn't work on PS3/360, they can have CDC/CIA.

But if they don't do this and still gives us CDC/CIA, please, PLEASE, give them quotes! We're not in Nacht der Untoten, so there's no excuse for no voices. If I wanted that, I'd turn Voices down. And I guess give them individual identities as well? Though I'd rather have voices than identities.

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With the Xbox one's "advanced" capabilities and the high amount of approval from the design your multiplayer character in Ghosts, (one of the few things about it that doesn't suck) I think character customization would be grand, and possible!


Lets see if we can get a petition to show trayarch or something...

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