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psn are you ready for origins or is it not a big deal for yo

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Me personally I feel like a kid at Christmas tried playing a few games on multiple maps today but just so bored with them I know it will be an all night (probably all day tomorrow) gore fest of non-stop slaying but I have heard that a few people not really worried about even downloading it I just hope the hype I$ what it has been built up to be I couldn't have been more disappointed with buried many of you may like it but it just isn't challenging at all hopefully we won't have a repeat of that here. So where do you stand are you ready or not a biggie for you.

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I wasn't so excited about it once I got my GTAV...but once I started playing it I took a break from GTA and am working on learning the map as well as the MP maps (except for stadium remake). The map is so hard, for now, and I can't seem to dent the big daddy zombie with anything but a ray gun, he even killed me while I was riding on the tank and he was on the ground, about 3 seconds to react with jug dayam!

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Is by far the hardest map I have played yet I can't seem to get very far unless on solo with people I only get to round ten no joke I found all ice staff parts and shield is a must anyone else having the same problem

Yeah its hard at first, but after you learn the map and how to avoid all the various ways you can die it's actually pretty easy. if you have the upgraded staffs its almost impossible to get stuck on zombies while training. The only thing that will really fuck you up is the panzer, but an upgraded Mauser/Monkey bomb combo will kill him quick.

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