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Gamer From Vegas

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Yo, Xbox gamer from Vegas.

I play zombies almost everyday I'm 17 I only go to school on Fridays 12PM - 4PM.

I have a sensitive mic so please if I forget to turn down my TV tell me!

I have 100 games in total so if you have any other games you wanna play I'm up for it.

I have all the zombies map for Black Ops 2, working on 1.

My voice can be annoying so sorry. >.o

GT: MidNightGaymer

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Welcome to CoDZ! Vegas, huh? You know, you never hear or see anyone actually LIVING in Vegas. How is it? Do the tourists get annoying?

I'm so use to anything, I'm more annoyed by our weather! For the 1st time in a few months we got humidity and it was awful!

Perfect video game weather if you ask me, I wouldn't live here. But our Gay Pride Parade is the biggest in the USA so that' something. I don't meet to many gamers.

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Welcome! It's nice to see an introduction that not someone selling **** please report this topic, post **** equipment. Im on xbox too..feel free to shoot me an invite anytime.

So you have noticed too, I thought it was funny how when I made a post they immediately did. I don't wanna go back to the **** please report this topic, post **** - there aren't any video games in the **** please report this topic, post ****!!

My GT: MidNightGaymer

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