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When Grief was first announced I was excited about the idea of battling against other teams for kills, but I don't think Treyarch went far enough with the ways you can with the other team. Other than the traps on MotD there is nothing you can really do.

I think that there should be 'Power Down' drops as well as power ups that hinder the other team if you collect them. A few ideas I've had for these are:

Empty Clip - does what it says, empties the clip of every opposing team members guns so thy all have to reload (like when a Zombies collects a max ammo in turned)

Half Points - pretty self-explanatory

Sponge Zombies - the opposite to Insta kill so Zombies just absorb the opposing teams bullets and take no damage (although this may be a little op)

Siren - the other team all emit a sound which attracts nearby zombies (like monkeys)

Treyarch could have made this game mode great, but as it stands its basically just 8 man zombies.

They could also have made a FFA element to Grief too.

Let me know what you think, should they have done more with Grief? What ideas do you have for 'Power Downs' or other ways to mess with people?

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Love this idea! I agree that they could've done a lot more with this Gamemode.

Here are my ideas for Power-Downs

"Inverse Control" Inverts the Enemy Team's controls for a short period of time, leaving them dazzled for a couple of seconds giving the Zombies just enough time to close in on them.

"Feeling lucky" this power-drop is a gamble, it could either reward your(self) team or wreak havoc on you. It has multiple effects (like the QEDs) such as spawning a ton of Zombies around a specific player or have you teleport in the middle of a zombie horde.

"Switch" have your weapon switched with an enemies weapon for a round or two. Once the timer expires you're both giving your weapon back in its current state (so if you were to shoot all the ammo in the air the enemy will now receive an empty gun)

"Bad eyesight" make the enemy team's screen blurry/filled with inkstains (sup Mario) for a short period of time.

"Watch it!" Turns Friendly-Fire on. Better watch those shots.

"Verrückt-er" Turns every Zombie that chases the Enemy Team into a Verrückt Sprinter. (for those who don't know a super fast Zombie)


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I like to get directly behind the people that camp in buried and continually knife them toward the zombies, usually doesn't work too well if there's a lot of people already in the spot actually killing the zombies though :P

well placed trample steams are my favorite tool though. This thing was made for Grief. there's even a couple spots in the mine shafts where you can fling an unsuspecting victim to their death :P

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lol their are a ton of ways to grief players.

-Most common is blocking doors at the right time.

-Jump crouching on the other players head to make them go down.

-"OWNing" PAP.

-"OWNing" the box.

-EMP grenades on town and farm.

-Hitting the box on farm with the door closed :D.

-Knifing other players into well placed trains.

-throwing monkey bombs at downed players can work.

-throwing grenades at the box in a timely matter so they lose their gun.

-Throwing the meat on someone on a high round have all players shoot him til he goes down. a rpd/hammer is very good for this :D

I also am very sad to not see a "last man standing" mode of grief.

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