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All 7 perks on round 1 (2 at once w/ time bomb + Dart board)


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So after playing for some time I realized some neat stuff about the new equipment called the Time Bomb. I noticed that when using the Time Bomb drops will remain on the ground when you go back in time. For example if you drop the time bomb on round 20 with no drops on the ground, get to round 22 and a nuke drops then you use your time bomb you would go back to round 20 and the nuke would still be there.

And yes this also works with the perk drops from the witches which allows two perk drops on one mini-boss round. You can do this on round 1, but this mostly helps in the later rounds when you need 2 perks at one time.

Heres how to do it.

Step 1: Get the time bomb. If you want to do this on round 1, get a lot of points and hit the box.

Step 2: Go to the haunted house.

Step 3: After running through the haunted house to the back, kill all the witches but one of them.

Step 4: Place down the time bomb

Step 5: Kill the zombie and leave the perk bottle. QUICKLY reset time

Step 6: Kill the last witch AGAIN and get both perk bottles.

I do not have proof at this moment since Im still currently in the game that I found it out in but after this game I will put up the proof. You can feel free to try it out if you want to.

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Nope... I will do it next game. I accidentally ended the game on 39 last time so it didn't save in theatre. And I screwed up this game and its currently on round 30 so it will be a while before I get the video up. I also found this out, do not put the time bomb next to where you are going to kill the witch. All drops disapear if they are to close to the time bomb.

thx chopper. And you can get all 7 perks on round 1. if you do the dartboard thing a ma jig.

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