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We must be going around the world..


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The N4 have been to,the US,china, and now Africa?

But does anyone know why there? Did the devs just decide or do they all link up in some random pattern?

Im guessing Africa is the "Rift" But i'm trying to understand china and west USA, I hope buried explains the storyline link.

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To make it more interesting. They could be random locations, but a lot of the locations have very interesting storylines behind them.

Great leap forward - Caused about 80million Chinese people to die under Chairman Mao

Green Run - US Nuclear Testing

Nuketown - US Nuclear Testing/DARPA Type Programs

Resolution 1295 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nat ... ution_1295

They passed through Egypt, which makes sense because the countries with 1295 were Southern African countries like Angola, but also South Africa, which was essentially white. Apartied

The "Rift" could also be a hint at the rift between the White ruled government of a majority black country, which a huge wealth difference. Nelson Mandella,apartied.

I have a lot more to talk about but gotta play it first :)

Saladman from PTG seems to think the techtonic plates moved in such a way to create a pangea type formation, but that doesn't explain a "western" town in South Africa. A typical "safari" 1920's type South Africa fits precisely.

Although it has a wild west theme, it's because of the times. I think it is the late 1800s to around say 1920, look at what South Africa looked like in 1920, look familiar?

The location on the map seems to far North, to be South Africa, and looks more like the coast.

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