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Claymores in Purgatory Mode (Helpful Tip) - UPDATED!

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Not sure if anybody noticed this yet, but you can wield claymores in Purgatory mode!

To do this all you have to do is buy claymores. The best way to use the claymores to your advantages in purgatory is to just start farming them around. You actually CAN equip the claymores in Purgatory via D-Pad (if you have any claymores in the slot when you go down, but, you CAN also pick up previously laid claymores while in Purgatory and you can place them. This is just something i stumbled upon playing and thought would be a nice helpful tip for others being you can not actually kill zombies in purgatory mode, but now, you kinda can! Enjoy!

UPDATE! Ignore the last update. It seems as if the proxies only come back when trying to place a claymore in the portal areas where the proxy would be. Other words, you can place claymores in afterlife portal areas but not in the thresholds!


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Yep. You can still get them in purgatory but only due to a bug. When you start a round and your claymores replenush, they can replenish if you are in afterlife at start via the dpad. I think it bugs out too if you hit a max ammo in afterlife then you can pull them out via dpad also.

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