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My Theory Of How the zombies Appeared in Alcatraz

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Hello everyone :) im new in this but lets start:

So, The first thing is. How zombies appeared in Alcatraz? well i have a theory.

Remember when Maxis and Richtofen were testing the teleporting Machine? Well they used fluffy so when fluffy was transported i think that fluffy ends in Alcatraz so in Alcatraz she pipe her babys when she finished, she bite a prisoner and well i think that when fluffy comes back to attack Samantha and Richtofen it isn`t fluffy i think its one of his babys and the real fluffy stills in alcatraz or the Aether.

So in this image i can say its fluffy trying to get out of the aether or something.

Now WHo Controls The zombies?

Well i think that the one that controls the ascension monkeys controls the zombies cause the monkeys have red eyes (: so i dont know what to think, im thinking of the cosmic silverback but well what do u think about this theory?

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It's a pretty good theory, I think almost the same.

In the storyline, we've never heard about "getting infected". I mean, this is not like Resident Evil or The Walking Dead in which if a Zombie bites you, you become one.

The Zombies in CoD appear because of the 115 acting on dead bodies.

Alcatraz before being a prison, was a Military Base. As you know, the Americans also made experiments with the 115, maybe this place was one of the bases used for 115 experiments.

So I think that Alcatraz has 115 radiation and the prisoners became infected by it.

And, about the Monkeys... I also think that the same being that controls the monkeys is controlling this Zombies.

I mean, it looks like each controller has a specific pet:

Samantha - Fluffy

Richtofen - Nova Phasing Zombie things in Die Rise

This being - Space Monkeys

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Funny pic btw.

Good post. So lets get to it.

The picture and video show support to your theory.

Its funny how in der reise the hounds where electric and now.. this one is in flames.

i like this theory a lot. But why would we want to help release the hounds?

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My theory is that 115 can pollute water, as we have seen in Siberia with George, and up until a point, I believe I've read that Alcatraz was without water, leading me to think they somehow slightly distilled ocean water, but didn't remove the element 115, leading to many infections. Maybe the started throwing zombies over the bridge or something to dispose of them, I don't know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, I have a few theories of the zombies. I would like to first point out that SOMEONE or SOMETHING has to be controlling them. As the Mobsters still can get drops, hear the voice from the drops, and someone has to summon Brutus. So the argument that no one does in unlikely.

THEORY ONE: Maybe, just maybe, the teleporters from Der Rise had sent someone back to the 1920-30's. Maybe an unintroduced character. Maybe Maxis himself. Maybe another unmentioned colleague. Or maybe even Samantha, when she was in control, had the ability to time travel. Her having the ability would explain why the perk machines are there, because she could have taken them back with her. (Except the Electric Cherry per which is the only perk that doesn't phase in and out, which may have been there originally.) However this doesn't explain why their eyes are changed.

THEORY TWO: Perhaps the zombie experiments went on before Nacht Der Untoten, and Dr. Maxis may have been friends with the Warden. Maxis may have been paying big money (compliments of Group 935) to have some experiments done on the inmates of Alcatraz. Of course Maxis himself couldn't be there in person, so the Unnamed Warden could have taken the zombie control for himself. (Brutus, based on attire, isn't the warden. He's likely a head guard, or riot guard.) This would in turn make the zombies eyes red, being its a new master.

THEORY THREE: in Die Rise, you hear of a "rift". As it seems, this could be a rift in time, a rift into an alternate universe, or a rift between Richtophen and Satan. The rift in time supports my first theory. The second rift though, to an alternate universe could lead to a whole other world and storyline of Zombies. Richtophen may want to try to control zombies among a span of universes. The mobsters being in the alternate one, resulting in red eyes. A rift between Richtophen and Satan, could mean Rich wants to control Satan's power, to become stronger, and omnicient. This would explain a lot of the more evil and dark features in Alcatraz. (E.g. The hanging bodies, the hellhound heads written in blood, the "666" that appears several times) He may have lost the battle and Satan controls the zombies, or won, and SatoRichtophen controls them. (Of course he would still need to travel back in time for this to make sense.)

These are just a few thoughts. We can't know for sure until new clues are discovered, or the next map. Hell, for all we know, it could be completely non-canon, and just a test for the new features.

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I agree with the rift theory in a different way.

I think that the rift Richtofen mentions, is teleporting stuff from one period to another period, which also explains the trailer, when they're going for their escape plan and suddently everything gets zombie-like and the cicles begin. Another thing they may be talking about is the cicle that doesn't ends because of the open rift, but it doesn't explain the zombies in Alcatraz.

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Yeah, but that doesn't explain why Weasel is the only mobster that remembers them dying several times and restarting each time.

The cicle began in the trailer, from that time to the one we start controlling them they did the cicle many times.

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when Fluffy was teleported she went to the Aether and her children were born there. As far as I know based on the storyline: anything that enters the Aether can be manipulated and controlled by the lord of its dimension. Ex's Samantha's room in Kino Der Toten(how evil that one room was looking)and Richtofen when he touches the K.Mechanism and is shocked by it further alternating his sadistic ways and infinite thirst for power. the flesh is powerful, is it not?

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