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  1. My theory is that 115 can pollute water, as we have seen in Siberia with George, and up until a point, I believe I've read that Alcatraz was without water, leading me to think they somehow slightly distilled ocean water, but didn't remove the element 115, leading to many infections. Maybe the started throwing zombies over the bridge or something to dispose of them, I don't know.
  2. Here's my shot in the dark: Since we know that the time period could be ~1935 (golden gate bridge construction), and the zombie eyes are red (Samantha nor Richtofen can be in control), so maybe while in purgatory, we are the ones in control, influencing the zombies' motives and controlling the game. Purgatory does sound an awful lot like the aether, maybe a theory is that the influence happens when the controller is in the MPD, a possible gateway to the aether, also known as purgatory while controlling the zombie? I'm not sure. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
  3. http://puu.sh/16koy.png Going to attempt to get a clearer image -- After a lot of image manipulation, I eventually got this: Still not VERY clear, go ahead and try and make it better if you want
  4. You must be a tad blind... If OP is talking about a stone to counter the Focusing Stone, I think the fact the focusing stone is Anti-115 is vital.
  5. Read this old topic of mine. You'll want to. viewtopic.php?f=67&p=122011
  6. Deveducer

    Release Time

    10 AM GMT, I can wake up for that (providing i'm not up til' 5am)
  7. Discuss. Edit: This was taken in 720p and was at 2:08 in the trailer. -Deveducer
  8. Ok, so recently I was wondering around in the code for Shangri La's easter eggs (I already know the easter eggs for Shangri La, so I am not gaining anything) and found a few interesting lines of code. These are only a few. Are the Treyarch coders just naming it what they want? Or are we seeing another leak like when the Shrink Ray was found in the game coding? EDIT: Could he be using this to save somebody, or perhaps save the Illuminati? -Deveducer
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