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End EE Maxis side - Maxis takes control of Zombies?

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Hello Everyone its me again so quick note if you dont wish to read my horrid grammar and spelling there is a video at the bottom of the post that i all did with only zombie Cinematics as well as explaining the theory and but now on to the theory !

So by the title you already know kinda what iam getting at so basically in the Tv transmission from maxis in tranzit explaining his plan of using global Polarization Devices AKA the towers that we are lighting up on each map. Now we know in tranzit that emps basicly cut off the zombies connection with rictofhen for a breif amount of time, my idea is that it could be possible that maxis uses a Global emp caused by the towers and make it so A) Rictofhen losses complete connection with the zombies or B) Maxis uses a device simular to the MPD to control them. now the idea is the NAv cards act as the calibrators for the antennas. This could work as the NAV cards could actully stand for "Network Allocation Vector" this is the short version of this guys i could go on for pages but if you want to know my full indepth look the video can explain pretty much everything.

Whats your thought on this guys xD

Direct link if viewing on mobile : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDBn724VcXQ


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Not a bad relation, friendo! But what Maxis has done in Tranzit was distribute high amounts of electrical energy to harness his power so he has the ability to deflect the force fields that limited his communication to the N4 in Die Rise. The process in which the Side Quest follows is rather weird, considering that none of the steps make sense like they should. But that is not the matter at hand.

Nevertheless, Maxis is desiring more power constantly to fuel his efforts against Richtofen. His plan of action once he does have power, however, is unclear as of the moment. Tranzit's T.V. transmission tells us a few things:

- he has not come into contact with humans for a while now

- he is confined to only communicating via electrical devices

- the coordinates which the ballistic missiles from Earth hit were a bit off from what Maxis had configured, and almost wiped out the whole Earth

- Global Polarization Devices are involved in assisting him

A global EMP like you said is not a bad idea; however, he can only do certain tasks and communicate via electrical devices. An EMP would devastate his plans, and his control over the N4. Not exactly a smart move to make on his part. He mentions global polarization devices to reverse the flow of energy waves and signals so he can gather power quickly.

This is why he says the other sites must be processed the same way. We have the pylon in Tranzit, and now the satellite in Die Rise. Each are have the NavCard table hooked up to them. These cards may very well be the reversing of such signals. Essentially, the towers (pylon and satellites) are made to receive energy signals so they can transfer it into different waves of energy - whether it be electrical, radio, sound, etc. By inserting the NavCard into the reader, the polarization of energy is reversed. What happens in this scenario? It's simple - the receptor becomes the broadcaster.

This global attempt for Maxis can be defined by this picture. Reverse the polarization of the whole Earth, and you'll disrupt the flow of energy in your favor. This will allow him to harness great amounts of energy to do whatever is on his agenda. Recall that he also says in Tranzit that he does not have the power to physically move objects...yet.

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What Maxis did was use the tower to in some way "separate the Earth" and reach Agartha. My guess would be that the towers use some sort of magnet that would help them open up the Earth. The NAVcards would be so it could amplify its signal. So after Maxis reached Agartha he found Samantha and overthrew Richtofen so now Maxis controls the zombies and will destroy the Earth.


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