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The Third Tower

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I have a simple idea, but please read it. It is very thought-through, it's just not as long as the other threads I've seen on this site. Anyways,

Maxis Side:

I believe Maxis only needs ONE more tower until he begins to take physical form. If you play the game often, you'd know that he mentions a trichotamus system often, and I thought, "Hmm... Tri, what does that mean? Three. The whole word itself means 3 parts of a system. So, I think each tower is a sort of "part" of his system so that he can appear. I believe that once we do actually have him spawn, if that's the path you choose, I think you'll have to do his side on the last 2 maps. I also think that freeing him will result as playing as the O3 plus Samantha in Richtofen's body, with a quest of getting back Samatha's body.

Richtofen Side:

I think that Richtofen is trying to use the towers to stop communication from Maxis, as well as bring power to himself. Another theory I have, is that he's trying to reverse time so that he always controlled the zombies. Anyways, I believe that the N4 will be the players if you choose this path. And I think the last tasks will either involve securing items that would be eliminated by the time switch, or exterminating the zombies (Which would suck, as I don't want them to end zombies.)

So yeah, make a good choice on the next tower guys!

Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it, and hope to one day publish ideas as great as the ones I've read lately!

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Very interesting suggestion. It would make sense for Maxis to try to exit the ether, but the question is, what will happen once he does? It seems that Maxis may be evil, though not as evil as Richthofen, and he may try to screw us over. I do hope though that we learn who that other voice with Richthofen, the voice we can't understand, is.

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I too have noticed the TRI bit..

I think there is only one more tower, and here's my idea on what's going to happen:

When the earth was destroyed it left a huge amount of kenetic, heat, and life force energy, enough to create a RIFT in the fabric of space-time. In one years time, the earth would revolve around the sun and crash into this rift, which if maxis's calculations are right, will reverse time enough to stop richtofen from entering the MPD. Richtofen could have destroyed this feild, considering he has control over a huge chunk of life force, but considering the world is now a hell hole, it's no good for him. He wants to ram the earth back into the feild so he can restart many people's lives, like what he does with Samule and co. But for the world!

However both sides have a problem: Maxis's explosion was MUCH to large and has begun to reduce the mass of the earth, pulling it closer to the sun! If maxis doesn't stabilize the earth we'll fall into the sun and miss the rift! And richtofen doesn't want maxis to throw him out of his throne. So, they started connecting spires, one by one they each begin to stabilize the earth, the difference is richtofen's spires will drain the feild of its heat and kenetic energy, making it so the time traveling capabilitys will desinigrate, ruining maxis's chances of turning back the clock by MENDING THE RIFT! Maxis's spires will simply keep the earth at a stable condition until it hits the rift! Then when time is reversed, he will stop richtofen from completing his plan.

But then does two seperate endings mean no more continuation of zombies after black ops 2? NO!

It's very simple: Introduce a 3rd party AKA whatever evil thing is in the MPD with richtofen... Whatever it is, it will ruin both maxis and richtofen's plans... And make a common ending for more zombies two years from the end! Bravo! Encore! Lovely! Everybody's happah!

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