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Maxis' First Request


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yea i posted about this close to a month ago. i didnt get much feedback.

its loosely tied to one of j.z's tweets, he talks about the order in which we were doing things. but says it as if he were maxis. thats how i interpreted it.

i never really looked into it cause shortly after i read a post stating equipment parts will just dissappear if u dont build them over a certain amount of rnds.

so it kinda shits on that idea..

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I tried everything i could with the turbine....I do not believe the turbine has any significance other than it generates an electric field. Good thought but I've been over this many times while playing and always come up with nothing. Maxis's dialogue is meant to emphasize how important the turbine is to the level itself with opening pack a punch, street lamps/teleporters and doors are all it seems to affect. I see where your going with this and id say before posting search the topic for a few minutes, i did for like 3 minutes and got alot of good information.

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Can we all not come to an agreement? No more to ToB right now? Okay... :(

I have personally tried everything the community has come up with. I'm not saying I am some "answer all questions" kind of guy, but I can say whole-heartedly:

"There is nothing more until DLC" :(

EDIT: I say this as a guy who knows he has to sell his Xbox and TV in order to pay for his dad's rent. I'm not happy about any of this, so don't think it thrills me to say this.

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