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The Power Station

Wreck Av

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How does the huge hole in the power station get there? Surely it couldnt have come out of no where...

now wen you say "hole" im just assuming your talking about the lava pit right? the world is crumbling. the missles hit earth after the moon easter egg so most of the world will look cracked up with lava pits anywhere

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Yes the lava pit, but its huge, like a missile hit it. its also the biggest one on the tranzit map (except maybe the tunnel). Also, if a missile did hit the power station it wouldve done a lot more damage than what its at now. Sorry if this doesnt seem relavent, its just been floating through my head the past couple of days :D

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If one of the three missiles hit that general location (or any location in Green Run), there would be absolutely nothing left in the map. But since at least one of the missiles impacted Nuketown (as seen after losing the game in NTZ), the damage spreads to Green Run, tectonic plates begin to shit causes diverged roads, and there you have it - lava pools, cracks along the road, buildings and tunnels taken down. More than likely, the power building's pit diverged drastically because of an uneven surface or lack of stable structure.

Not to mention all the weight that probably used to be there caused everything to simply collapse into a downward spiral of doom.

I love it. :twisted:

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