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So, is there a way I can reset my zombies stats?

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Well, I know I can't but is there a way to get Treyarch to reset my stats? Report myself for glitching (lol)? I just want a clean slate because I'm pretty sure I can get the shotgun emblem pretty easy. But not with my current stats, when TranZit was new I couldn't help but mess around, learning the ups and downs, which to a toll on my down count. I could easily make a new psn account and get the shotguns, but I want it on my main account. My K/D goes up so slowly even I'm the games MVP 90% of the time with around an 800/1 K/D every game (It just over my overall k/d up a couple points every game) My current k/d is around 84, I'm rank 4 (skull with knife).

TL;DR:(this ain't Reddit, lolwtf) I want my stats reset to rank up easier.

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No. Once your are given your current stats, there is no way to reset unless two things occur: Treyarch commits to a rollback for some reason (like in the past), or you create a new account to start from scratch. To be honest, I'd just say keep playing good games where you can average anywhere from 300-1000 kills per game with a maximum of 2 downs and you should be fine.

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