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Hardest. Campaign. Ever.

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So, I got bored recently, so I tried playing the WaW campaign on veteran. It is the hardest campaign I've ever played. The first few levels are alright. Then I got to "Burn 'em out" I spent hours on that, snipers in the trees, getting spammed by an infinite amount of grenades from every feasible direction. So I finally get past that, get halfway past the next mission "relentless" and now I can't go any further. I can't stay in one spot because of infinite enemies/grenades. And I can't push up because my allies are about as much use as a lead cough sweet and I get machine gunned from the invisible man. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and I know the two hardest missions are apparently blowtorch and corkscrew and heart of the Reich, so I'm not looking forward to those.

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Holy shit, i know dude, some of the missions werent that bad, but burn em out and heart of the riech were hard. I havnt even beaten heart of the reich yet and its the only one i have left, i always get destroyed on the part where you have to destroy the 3 88s. The main trick is to keep pushing foward and finding cover, shooting, then moving again, keep playing until you find a path that suits you. Memorize what happens and know your surroundings. Cover and aim is your best friend.

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I recommend not playing this campaign on veteran as it may cause you to go insane.


I tried the campaign on veteran after I've beaten it on normal.

And I got to the sniper mission (don't remember the name,was 3 years ago (god time flies)) Tried it for 3 hours got killed by the sniper again and again. Haven't touched the campaign since that point.

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The sniping mission, Vendetta. That part where you need to kill the sniper is pure luck. I had to do it twice as it didn't save the first time. The first time it took me half an hour, the second time I did it on my first try. Also I'm still stuck on "eviction" because of a stupid glitch where Reznov refuses to open the door at the end so you get mowed down by endless MP40 fire.

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Yea, on Vendetta, you just gotta be lucky with the sniper, then what i did after is you can gllitch out of the map, so i did that to kill amsel, on Eviction, i was soo close, but Reznov wouldnt open the door! I had to beat it all over again.

Yeah that happened to me. So now I have to restart it all over again... And after this I think it's the hardest mission...

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I have yet to defeat heart of the riech on veteran, thats my last. Damn flak 88s

That's because the Flaks are just luck. I can destroy the one on the right easily, the one on the left is harder. I always miss with the panzershrek and then I just rush at it and rush back. It worked eventually. The second two are easier.

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Yea im pretty sure, but my CODWAW deletes its campaign sometimes. Like i have veteran for all but Heart of The Reich, but the next day sometimes theyll all be gone and i have to beat em all again, still got the trophies tho

Hasn't happened to me luckily but my friend lost all of his Halo Reach legendary progress so he had to do all them again.

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I've only tried Veteran in 4 player co-op mode and it took us forever to get through only a select few of the missions. WaW campaign is so good though, so it is fun to try out the hardest difficulty.

I just miss WWII CoD. They need to eventually go back to that era. Maybe on the next gen consoles.

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