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Map idea - Pory de Untodes


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Thanks for the feedback! I think a sandbox mode wouldn't work though, zombies has a certain air of mystery with it that comes with all the features to be discovered. It's like cheating on an RPG, I could understand where it comes from though, if Reach can have it so can we. It just seems that zombies is a game to be discovered rather than tinkered with.

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I LOVE the idea of hiding from zombies at night! It gives a more realistic idea to zombies and adds tension. It reminds me of the stealth Spec Ops missions in MW2 and MW3 like the mission where you are with soap and you hide in the shop.

you have to lie still or they will see you, or you hide behind objects. LOVE IT! btw can someone tell me how to give brains? Cause i think this idea of hiding at night is great!

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I guess strategy has taken a backseat to constant, instantly gratifying violence. An exception being high rounds, takes more to weather through them than most so called "strategy" games today. I really can't remember the last time a "REAL" stealth game came out.

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