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SHOOT ME I GENDER BENT NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!!! Either way, this is the second zombie related thing I've written (the other one's around here somewhere, just that I don't really like it as much). So yeah, gender bent characters, this is more well written than the other thing I've written before (like I said, didn't like it), so I guess enjoy?

“Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you to group nine three five. This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race. You represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with the power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has discovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual which will direct you should our manifest get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore the field ops manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind.”

The auditorium erupted in excited cheers and applause. The words echoed off the walls. These words seemed awe inspiring, but what they did not know was what was hidden behind these words. They did not know that these words would lead to betrayal, destruction, lives lost, and a world that would be struck by endless peril.

Chapter 1/Undone-part 1

The sound of a recording device broke through the silence of the outdoor testing facility.

“Log entry 38. Date: December 4, 1939. The matter transferring prototype is prepared for test run number 151. We have now reduced our test subject’s mass to prove that this is possible. Dr. Schuster, please give an overview.”

Two doctors dressed in white lab coats stood

“Yes Doctor Richtofen. We have a new test subject, a walnut, weighing in at 10 grams. The target platform is now at three feet with no obstructions. We have one microgram of the element which, according to our calculations, will be entirely used up during the test.”

“Excellent Doctor Schuster. Commence test number 151.”

“Yes, Doctor. Please insert your earplugs.”

The sound of cracking electricity and buzzing erupted as the first doctor’s colleague activated the machine. Both doctors hide behind a barricade set up for their testing and watched as the walnut disappeared from the prototype to a receiving station similar to the prototype only feet away.

“Good God! We’ve done it! We have powered up a prototype. And it moved a walnut directly from the prototype device into the receiving device. It moved instantly. It... it teleported.”

“Get me Doctor Maxis immediately!”


Lab technicians shuffled through the pristine halls of the large building. The head doctor from the previous days experiments entered the hallway leading to several offices. She practically skipped to her work space at the end of the hall. She smiled gleefully at every worker that passed by her, the excitement of the breakthrough her and Schuster had discovered yesterday like a hangover. She was almost at her office just as Stefan, Doctor Maxis’ assistant raced down the hallway to catch up with her.

“Evelyn! Geez you walk fast.” The young man panted, exhausted from running through the whole building. “I was told to inform you that Leitta wants to see you in the conference room, seems kind of urgent if you ask me.”

Evelyn stopped right where she was and turned around the face Stefan. “Oh. Well, I guess I’ll just go there instead, no sense in going into my office.”

The two began walking to the nearby conference room together. As Evelyn reached for the door knob, she hesitated. She knew that Doctor Maxis was quite agitated these days, since caring for her son Sam became difficult. She finally reached her hand out and turned the handle as the faint shout of “good luck” was heard.

Evelyn abruptly opened the conference room door and found Doctor Schuster sitting casually in a chair, her legs crossed. Doctor Maxis was standing nearly feet away at the oblong table in the middle of the room.

“So, Doctor Richtofen, I heard about yours and Schuster’s little experiment.”

Leitta’s voice was monotone. She had a look of exhaustion upon her face as she watched Evelyn enter the room and stand at the opposite end of the table. A slight smile creeped onto Doctor Richtofen’s face as she began to speak in a sing song voice.

“Isn’t it grand? We never thought it was possible, but it seems we were mistaken. This is just what you were looking for, Doctor Maxis!”

Doctor Maxis furrowed her eyebrow. She crossed her arms and starred at Evelyn, appearing very stressed.

“But this is not the crucial experiment you were supposed to be working on...”

“With all due respect, Doctor Maxis, this is a breakthrough of unimaginable proportions.”

Leitta laughed sarcastically, shaking her head. She raised her eyes and looked sternly at Doctor Richtofen, a more serious expression growing on her face.

“What? That you moved a walnut a few feet? Yes, Evelyn, we will improve the human condition by revolutionizing the walnut industry. I can see it now: ‘Evelyn’s Walnut Delivery.’”

Evelyn stepped back in shock. She tried to compose herself, running her hand over her eyes.

“Don’t be obtuse.”

Doctor Maxis slammed her hands on the table in frustration, the words coming out of her mouth like daggers.

“How dare you call me that? We are at war, Evelyn!” She ran a hand through her hair, thinking of how to proceed. “I will admit that there is promise here but this war is won...”

Evelyn started moving around the table, holding her hands behind her back all the while.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, Doctor Maxis, but Group 935 is a research organization with, what was the motto?” She tapped her fingers on her lips as she thought. “To improve the human condition. What business of ours is it?”

Leitta glanced over at Evelyn realizing that what she was saying was true.

“Fine Doctor Richtofen, I will let you in on a little administrative secret: we are finalizing a deal with the Nazi Party. We need funding, we need equipment, and they need new weapons. Chances are this war will end soon with a treaty or two and we will be in a much better position to help the world.”

The two doctors stood face to face. The difference in their thinking separated the two, and the distance between them seemed farther than it was.

“Are you certain this won’t cause massive defections? We have scientists from all over the world working with us.”

“That is why with the utmost confidence that I share this with you. No one will know of this. This is simply the breaking of an egg to make an omelette.”

“Think of the tactical advantage we will have...”

“Think of the cost, think of the time! We can provide the Nazis tactical expertise in various areas without putting all our eggs in your walnut basket. Good day, Evelyn, and get back to your real work.”

Doctor Maxis hissed the words before she stormed out of the conference room. Evelyn stood alone, a mix between angry and perplexed. Doctor Schuster got up from her chair and walked to stand next to Doctor Richtofen.

“Bloody jerk...”

Evelyn snapped out of her trance at the words. She turned to glance at her colleague, a serious expression etched on her face.

“I think Doctor Maxis has lost her perspective. No matter... we will do this on our own and publish the findings before she has a chance to...”

Phoebe shot up in bewilderment. She stared at Doctor Richtofen, wondering if this was the right choice.

“You’re not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect it without us, are you?”

The two doctors looked at each other and began to leave the room as Evelyn turned around and spoke in a hushed tone so as no one would hear her words.

“I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science.”

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i love the whole opposite gender characters :lol::lol:

good story so far

Thank you :D

Interesting, very nice to see a different perspective(? can't find the word)

First, you gender bend in art, now in stories? :lol:

Thanks :] and yeah, it just grew on me XD

HAHHAHAHAH SHE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for one of these for a long time lullaby, considering you abandoned the other one! Exceeds the other story so far!!!!! VERY GOOD :twisted:

YES I AM!! And yeah, I couldn't think of how to continue that one so I picked up this one, and it'll be easier to continue this one, and thank you

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Well, here's the second chapter. I started running out of ideas and words to use, and this chapter seems shorter than the first one but whatever.

Chapter 2

“Entry 42. Date: January 4th, 1940. Doctor Schuster and I, despite mounting pressure from Doctor Maxis, have continued working on the matter transference prototype. We have made great strides in the last thirty days and are ready for our first human subject. If our calculations are correct, we will send a test subject-me-to the receptacle station sitting thirty yards away and behind a cinder block wall.”

Doctor Richtofen looked up towards the cinder block wall, then to Doctor Schuster. Phoebe looked at Evelyn, concerned about what may go wrong with the experiment. They had tested it numerous times and had spent countless hours making it work better than it had the test before.

“Are you certain you want to do this, Doctor Richtofen?”

Evelyn waved off the precarious thought both doctors were sharing and began walking somberly towards the matter transference prototype.

“Nein, Doctor Schuster, this must be done. Quickly, put in your earplugs and power up the machine.”

Phoebe nodded and stepped into the safety zone and put in her earplugs as instructed. Her hand hovered over the switch for the device. Suddenly, she pulled down hard on the switch, almost breaking it. The sound of sparks and coursing electricity were heard as her colleague disappeared into a blue explosion. Doctor Schuster hurried to the receptacle station to find her close friend was gone, almost as if she had simply vanished into thin air.


Somewhere far from the testing facility, crackling blue lightning appeared suddenly out of nowhere as a female figure fell to the ground. She landed softly in the dark cavern, unscathed.

“Is there a power outage? Why is it so dark? I feel almost… weightless. How very unexpected. Doctor Schuster? Hello?”

Evelyn pulled a lighter from her skirt pocket, trying to activate it. It finally sparked on, the flame dimly lighting the large cave.

“Ah, I can see now. Oh my god. I am standing in a circular cave, surrounded by some kind of machine like, it’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. It looks almost alien in nature.” Doctor Richtofen looked around cautiously, when something strange caught her eye. “There’s a pyramid structure at the center of the room. I’m going to try and carefully touch it.”

Ever so carefully, Evelyn tiptoed over to where the pyramid was stationed. She stretched her hand out, barely brushing the structure when suddenly a small spark of electricity touched her finger.

“Ahhh! Static electricity! It’s sharp to the touch. Very cold. Not a speck of dust.”

As the doctor examined the pyramid like structure, she knocked on the side of it. The sound resonated off the cavern walls, sounding as if she had tapped on a few hundred of the structures.

“Hmm, might be hollow. The chamber’s quite large. I see what looks like capacitators at the ceiling of the chamber. There are no obvious connections to anything electrical. What is this place?”

The sound of something moving around in the chamber caused Evelyn to jump and whip around. She tried to stare through the darkness of the cavern, making out a shadow moving towards her.

“Doctor Schuster, is that you? Doctor Schuster! Look at this! It appears to be covered in some kind of hieroglyphic language. I’ve not seen anything like it before.”

The figure shuffled closer and closer. The sound of a faint whisper, almost chant like, became audible.

“Why are you whispering to me? There’s no need for that.”

Suddenly, a loud whirring sound echoed through the cave as sparks flew everywhere. A strong gust of wind came out of nowhere, almost knocking Doctor Richtofen off her feet.

“Was ist los? Do you hear that? It sounds like…”

In the blink of an eye the baffled doctor disappeared from the cave and fell abruptly from mid air again, this time landing on her arm. She flinched, grasping her arm tightly.

“Mein got, what happened? I seem to be in some kind of jungle. I can’t be certain of where I am.”

As she lifted her head, she saw a large group of people running towards her. But they weren’t Nazi’s, or soldiers for that matter. They were carrying spears and hardly wearing any clothing. Something about them seemed primitive. Evelyn started crawling backwards but ran into a tree, the group moving closer every second.

“Oh no!” she yelled, just as she was surrounded by the herd of people, afraid of what was going to happen to her in the hands of these primitive people.


Doctor Schuster sat alone for the nineteenth day in a row in the outdoor testing facility. She took a sip from her coffee cup as she stared at the brick wall, hoping Doctor Richtofen would appear again.

“Log entry 43. Date: January 23rd, 1940. I cannot be certain what happened to Doctor Richtofen. Once the test was commenced, she just disappeared from the machine into thin air. I have searched the area for days and have no evidence that she is anywhere. I am afraid I might have to scrap the-“

The air suddenly grew heavy as a bolt of lightning shot from nowhere, striking the receptacle station. Everything behind the brick wall was glowing blue, and the sound of someone faintly banging their fist against something.

“Don’t stop anything. We have done something, something wondrous! Shhh, do you hear them?”

Evelyn’s voice was muffled by the bricks separating her from Phoebe. Doctor Schuster ran up to the wall, her coffee cup falling to the ground. She slowly began to peek her head around the wall when suddenly Doctor Richtofen jumped out from behind the wall.

“Doctor Richtofen, you’re alive!”

Doctor Schuster looked at Evelyn, confused by her appearance. The pencil skirt and button down top she was wearing before were gone and replaced with more tribal like clothes. An elaborate headdress rested on top of her head and precious jewels adorned her wrists and neck.

“I’m more than alive, Ms. Schuster. Is the device still intact?”

“Yes, but what happened to you?”

Doctor Richtofen laughed and glanced at Phoebe, now more than bewildered.

“Aaaah, something wunderbar! That chamber was incredible, the wonders we could learn!”

Doctor Schuster stepped closer to Evelyn, placing a hand on her shoulder and leaning down a bit to look her straight in the eyes.

“What are you talking about? Are you alright?”

“Get in the matter transference prototype, Doctor Schuster. We have work to do.”

Still confused by the present situation, Phoebe ran back to the device and activated it. She gasped as everything around her began to disappear and she was entangled in a blue swirl. She became dizzy and started to black out just as she reappeared next to Evelyn, a crowd of natives gathered in front of them.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 3

“Schuster! Doctor Schuster wake up!”

The confused doctor opened her eyes slowly, her sight blurred. She looked around and found herself in a jungle like environment, with palms trees surrounding her, and the sound of a waterfall close by. As she raised her eyes, Phoebe found herself staring up at Doctor Richtofen, who was lurking over her unconscious body.

“Mein gott, Phoebe, you worried me half to death. Are you all right? Is it the change in the weather?”

Evelyn knelt on the ground nearby, holding out a small, clay bowl filled with water. Doctor Schuster reached for it carefully, drinking what she could while she tried to grasp the situation she was thrust into.

“Evelyn, what’s going on, what are we doing here? And what’s this, this… this structure we’re sitting in front of?”

The two women stared down the hill at the large pyramid being rapidly constructed.

“Ahhh, that. That is just a mere temple that they’re building. For me.”

The now shocked doctor gagged on the water in her mouth, coughing and sputtering as she tried to speak. Phoebe wiped away the water dripping from her mouth, her eyes bewildered as she glared at Doctor Richtofen.

“What do you mean for you?! What the hell is this! Evelyn you had better have a good explanation for this. You’ve been here only nineteen days and they’re building a temple for you?”

Evelyn stood up and smiled down upon the scene in front of them. She seemed almost peaceful, yet there was a crazy brutalness hidden behind her eyes.

“They think I’m a god. Can you believe it? After that test, I wound up in an odd cave, and then wound up here. They didn’t know what to think, a pale skinned woman falling from the sky, so they believed I was sent down to earth to watch over them. They’ve taught me stuff that I can use, that we can use, to our advantage.”

Both doctors looked at each other. Something was different, almost wrong, with Evelyn. She had gone from being obedient and brilliant to manipulative and cruel. Doctor Richtofen cocked her head to the side and glanced down at Doctor Schuster, who was rolling her sleeves due to the heat.

“By the way, what has Doctor Maxis been up to since I’ve ‘vanished’, per say?”

“Oh, she’s been busy with test after test, same as always.”


In a dark office lit only by a desk lamp sat Doctor Maxis, winding down after a brutal day of testing. She looked over a small stack of papers piled on her desk, containing reports from that days experiment. A desk microphone connected to a tape recorder was placed near her.

“The test subjects have been undergoing treatment for five days with little progress. I have been assured that given time, the programming will take hold.”

She finished recording, then with a sigh of relief, pushed her office chair backwards and stood. Grabbing her things, she turned off the desk lamp and closed her office door. As she turned to walk down the hallway, the sound of someone speaking disrupted her and she turned around, her hand grasping a small knife she carried with her always.

“Sorry for scaring you, Leitta. I didn’t know you were still here, you know, with having to care for Sam and all.”

Stefan walked up next to the startled doctor. He smiled down at her with that cheerful smile he always wore. Leitta relaxed and laughed at herself.

“It’s fine, Stefan. I had to finish some work regarding today’s experiment. Actually, I’m going to be taking the next few days off to spend with Sam. I feel like I’ve been neglecting him with all this work.”

“He’ll be excited about that, I don’t doubt it. He’s a good kid, and you should cherish that.”

As they stepped out the door to the street, Doctor Maxis began shivering violently. The winter was brutal, leaving snow and ice everywhere. Noticing her shivering, Stefan wrapped his free arm around Leitta, holding her close as they walked.

“Let me walk you to your apartment, it’s not too far from mine. Anyway, there’s so much ice, don’t want to hurt yourself.”

Leitta smiled as the two continued walking for another minute, finally stopping at the porch of her apartment. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of keys, then turned slightly to wave at Stefan.

“Well, good night Stefan.”

“Good night Leitta.”


Doctor Maxis’ vacation with her son had come and gone quickly. She had already been in her office for about five days, working as hard as every to finish her crucial experiment. She was once again stationary at her desk, the microphone close at hand. She began reading off notes left by her colleagues from her absence.

“In the past weeks, we have made great strides in breaking through to their subconscious. I have had the projectionists make edits to a few. These changes have been very effective.”

She felt joyful. The recent experiments were quite successful compared to past tests. Their new mind control technique, using a projector and specially crafted slides, was effective, with new subjects having positive results in the last couple of days. Doctor Maxis just hoped that now in only a few days time there would be at least one subject that could retain their training.


“Subject two-six has had a breakthrough, he is responding to the treatments and following basic instructions, violent outbursts have been greatly reduced, and given time we feel this method of treatment will be 100 percent effective in most cases.”

The results that Leitta had been looking for were finally sitting in front of her. The subject in question was a fresh one, just brought in only two days ago. In under a day and a half, reports of a breakthrough were being seen.

“Hey Leitta, I was wondering if you wanted to go grab something to eat? You’ve been cooped up in here for about three hours, let alone been in the facility for about seven.”

Doctor Maxis jumped. Stefan had a way of scaring her, even when he didn’t mean to. The previous incident aside, she got up off her chair and grabbed her coat as fast as she could. She whipped around and smiled at Stefan.

“That sounds wunderbar! I haven’t had a proper meal all day, and I think it’s time for a little celebration, with the fabulous results. Would you be up for a drink? My treat!”


The tape in the recording machine made a strange buzzing sound as it ran. Once again the faint sound of a microphone switch clicked repeatedly, as Doctor Maxis began detailing the report for the previous days test.

“The timeline for deployment can be accelerated. Given the progress we have made in the past two weeks, if patient two-six can retain the impressions longer than thirty-six hours, we will have the process perfected.”

She clicked the microphone off. The tape came to a sudden halt, as Leitta stood up and left the room, excited to see the progress made overnight. She walked into a long, dull room. At one end there were guards stationed surrounding a secure door. Behind it the sound of someone pounding violently on the door erupted. Doctor Maxis motioned to one of the guards near the door, signaling them to open it. The subject sat on the floor now, exhausted from its protest.

“Stand up. Stand up! Good, look at me.”

Leitta snapped her fingers, agitated by the subject’s lethargic state. She barked out orders , each one echoing off the walls.

“Over here! Good. Now walk forward. Excellent. Further, keep coming.”

The sudden sound of fire alarms and blaring lights from the next lab over penetrated the silent room. Doctor Maxis waved it off, knowing it was just a mishap from another experiment. As she turned back around, she noticed the subject becoming aggressive.

“It’s all right. Stay there. Calm down, I order you-“

It lashed out a hand, striking a nearby soldier. He fell to the floor, clutching his arm as the other soldiers aimed their guns at the thing. Leitta stepped back in horror, as the sudden look of disappointment shadowed her face.

“Kill it!” Blood splattered all over the floor as one of the guards shot a round into the subjects head. It fell to the floor with a sickening thud. Every eye now rested on Doctor Maxis, who now showed no emotion at all on her face. She quickly turned and began walking towards the door, the anger building up inside of her like a wild fever. Before she stepped out of the room, she turned her head the slightest bit and scowled out something almost inhuman in nature.

“Bring me another.”


“Another setback, patient two-six was killed this morning in a field test. He lost control and attacked one of our handlers. His injuries were minor but patient two-six was destroyed. The break in programming coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility”

Doctor Maxis’ voice came to a halt as the sound of someone at her door distracted her from her notes.

“One moment!”

The knocking grew more urgent. Finally, she got up and dashed to her door, tearing it open only to have Stefan fall into the room. Doctor Maxis stumbled back, catching him before he hit the ground.

“What is it? I’m not in the mood for one of your cheery lectures.”

The dazed assistant got up and dusted himself off. He was holding onto a stack of files, each one with a stamp of completion. Leitta ripped the folders from his grasp and quickly skimmed through them, looking at the results.

“Geez, could have warned me that you were opening the door. Anyway, I just came by to drop these off for you. Heard they weren’t too good.”

Stefan looked at Doctor Maxis, then pivoted and walked towards the door. “Also, I’ve noticed that both Doctor Schuster and Doctor Maxis have not come into work recently. A few of the others are getting worried about them. They said it’s almost like they just disappeared into thin air.”

He reached the door and outstretched his hand to grab the antique knob. Suddenly, two women burst through the door, nearly knocking him off his feet again. Leitta looked from the women to Stefan, then back at the women.

“Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Schuster! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! You dummkopfs!”

As if by magic, Evelyn and Phoebe were standing in her office. Doctor Maxis stared at the two of them. Evelyn had a minor gash under her right eye, a new distinguishing feature.

“Doctor Maxis, please calm down. We’re both fine. We had a little business to take care of.”

Evelyn stepped forward, a mischievous smile spread across her face. Something was different about her. Leitta, resisting all urges to throw her fist into her colleagues face, stepped back and sat on her desk.

“I wasn’t worried in the least bit.” Her expression was tense as she stared directly at Doctor Richtofen, her eyes empty. “Right now I don’t care about what you have to say, Doctor Richtofen. You and Doctor Schuster need to get back to what you were working on before you left immediately. I have no time for your idiocy.”

NOTE: took me almost forever to get this one single chapter done, but it's finally complete so yay~~ Any who, I had a bit of difficulty with writing the parts with Maxis, wondering how to work with the radios and other scenarios that could possibly happen.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Chapter 4

About 6 years later

     Doctor Maxis walked towards her son and their newly adopted German shepherd. She knelt down next to Sam, petting the dog under her chin as the young boy wrapped his arms around the dog’s neck.

“Yes, mutter. Oh, I love her.”

“You must feed her every day, and walk her, and be very careful when you play with her. You know, she’s going to have puppies.”

     Leitta turned and playfully ruffled Sam’s hair. She smiled softly, speaking as she stood up.

“We’ll see Sam. One step at a time”


     The onlookers began to applaud wildly.

“I bring you to what this project is all about. What I have worked to keep from my enemy.”

     Blushing, and with a large smile on her face, Sherrie turned back and hugged Doctor Richtofen, but then immediately regained her composure.

“We first must discover what it does.”

     Sherrie’s jaw dropped at the mere words.


     Contemplating the statement, Doctor Groph cocked her head to the side and tapped her lower lip.

“I suppose not, how do you know what it does?”

“I found many interesting Vril artifacts here. I have decoded some of their language, all signs point to this device being a stable gateway to the Aether.”

     Evelyn focused her eyes on Phoebe, talking a tad louder. As her sentences drove on, her voice escalated.

“As am I. I am going back to my port at Group 935 to continue the charade. I will be finding out just how much information Doctor Maxis has on Vril. Once the machine is operational, I will enact my plan and return. Gentlemen, let the games begin.”

     Merely days after returning back to the testing facility without Doctor Groph and Doctor Schuster, Evelyn was dragged into working alongside Doctor Maxis. Immediately both women were in a lab, attempting to work with the teleporter. Without her knowledge, Doctor Richtofen tampered with the teleporter, sabotaging Leitta’s plan to work the large machine.

“Initiating test number 3, subject is within the test chamber, activate power.”

     Doctor Richtofen faked amusement at the partial success, but Doctor Maxis, in a fit of rage, slammed her hand on the small desk in front of her.

“Get a hold of yourself and clean that up! Test number 3 unsuccessful, test subject has been reduced to the same state as previous subjects. Clean up the test chamber and re-calibrate the system! Let’s do it again.”

     Three days after Doctor Maxis’ failed test, Evelyn found free time to work on Leitta’s extra project for her, controlling the minds of live specimens. It was nearing ten at night, and Doctor Richtofen had just finished cleaning up after her day of experimenting. She reached over her desk for a microphone to record her notes from that day.

“Log entry 1471. Date: September 2nd, 1945. Dear diary, another day, another failure. This time subject N3WB just slightly improved. The Russian subject still smells like urine, even after she was given a bath and deloused TWICE. I think I might have killed the specimen from Mexico. His spleen is on the floor and he’s not moving anymore. I can verify with certainty that the barrier is not located in the spleen. Doctor Maxis must continue no matter the cost. I wonder what she might think of the experiments on the little boy.”

     Unknowingly, the wire from the recording device had tangled itself around her foot. As she started forward, the wire tugged at her leg, causing her to fall. Evelyn crashed to the floor, a sharp pain shooting through her arm. She looked at her shoulder, which was now swelling up.

“Mein gott! Stupid monkey!”

     Sitting in the chair she had now become accustomed to from hours of studying, Doctor Groph made a vocal record of her and Doctor Schuster’s findings on how to activate the pyramid. Suddenly, Phoebe came crashing through the door, chasing after a small animal that was scurrying towards Sherrie’s chair.

“I’ve got you now rat!”

     With a shoe in hand, Phoebe leapt forward at the rat, but instead barreled into Sherrie. Both doctors crashed to the floor. Doctor Groph’s chair flew from underneath her, crushing the rat under its weight. Suddenly, one of the glass containers filled slightly with a glowing blue liquid.

“Did you see that?”

     Doctor Richtofen sat at her desk again, eight days after her last experiment. Her shoulder was bandaged and her arm was placed in a sling.

“The swelling has subsided, the ice helps. They made liverwurst for lunch, it was delicious. I still have not had any luck reprogramming any of the live specimens.”

     Doctor Richtofen looked down at her desk again, spying a letter that was just delivered. She read it, a small smile forming on her face. She chuckled lightly.

“Oh, apparently someone in security found a spy today, they are delivering her from the asylum, to replace the one that I broke.”

Well it took me long enough to finish this chapter! Anyway, this is the fourth chapter in Sinner, as you can obviously tell. I plan before March to have at least the fifth chapter completed, and there will be a little surprise following the completion of the fifth chapter. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 5

     The door to the testing facility burst open abruptly. Two guards walked in, dragging someone in. They struggled to keep the prisoner under control. A third guard walked in behind them and looked at Evelyn, giving her a strange look. The test subject abruptly whipped her head up, knocking it into the guard on her left.

“Get your hands off me you damn dirty Nazi.”

     Evelyn stood behind her chair, her hand grasping the knife at her hip. It was a good thing that all Group 935 scientists were forced to wear Nazi uniforms, after having been taken over by the Nazi’s. She didn’t mind having to wear the uniform, actually. Many scientists fought the rule, but Doctor Richtofen accepted it, finding the uniform something worthy of respect.

“Yeah, that’s right! You want some of this? I’m taking you home in bags, freak!”

     Furious, the captured woman raised her head, staring at Doctor Richtofen.

“Okay, now I’m mad!”

     Turning her head, the American scowled at Doctor Richtofen, speaking in a harsh voice.

“I can still hear you!”

     The guard on the woman’s left lifted his arm above his head while holding his pistol, and slammed her in the back of the head. She dropped to the floor with a loud thud. The guards then proceeded to drag her the rest of the way to a chair seated in front of a plain table.

“She may be problematic. My my, what to do.”

     The guard looked down at Evelyn and nodded.

“Ja, along with four other marines. From surveillance, we could tell that she was their leader, per say, and that she was the asset we needed.”

     The soldiers quickly left, leaving Evelyn alone with the American.


“Griffin Station, this is Eagle’s Nest. Status update. Over.”

     Finally focusing on the situation at hand, Sherrie grimaced. Blood was splattered over the floor and the wall. Men, women, and children all stood together, crying and yelling. One by one they were pulled out of the crowd. Before the pyramid structure stood a soldier with a Kar98k in hand, his clothes stained red. One by one, the fearful people were led to the pyramid and forced to get on their knees. As soon as they knelt, the soldier fired his weapon into their skull, killing them instantaneously. Suddenly, the glass jars would fill the slightest bit with more blue liquid. As Doctor Groph flinched, her eyes darted over the slightest bit, spying Doctor Schuster. She glanced away as fast as she could, unable to take the site of Phoebe’s face covered in innocent blood.

“It is grim work Doctor.”

     She choked on her words, but eventually spoke. She couldn’t let her feelings get in the way of her work.

“Yes… Doctor.”

     Evelyn sat at the desk of her office, looking over several files from her experiments spread out on her desk. Her recorder was already humming softly, reading off notes from previous days.

“Log 1474. Date: September 20, 1945. It would seem that the OSS realized that we have captured one of their spies. They tried to send a rescue team to Wittenau Sanatorium that was already over run by the first batch of test subjects. I suspect that there are others in the Organization, Doctor Harvey Yena and Doctor Peter McCain to be precise. Doctor Maxis doesn’t want any Americans in Group 935, no matter how much genius they have. Stupid Americans, with their apple pies and baseball and children, but I digress.”

     A sharp shriek sounded from the recording device. Evelyn slammed the machine against the wall, having had enough of its shenanigans. Noticing what she had done, she slapped her hand to her face in disgust.


“Eagle’s Nest, this is Griffin Station. We have an update. Over.”

     On the other end of the line, Sherrie snickered at the stupid question.

“Well that was a redundant question, now wasn’t it? Uh, I mean, yes Doctor. The machine is ready and awaiting the conduit.”

     Gathering her things, Doctor Richtofen began making her way out the door, but remembered that the radio was still on. She quickly walked back to the transmitter. Doctor Groph’s voice was barely audible now.

“Security Protocol 935?”

     The time was coming to finally get rid of Doctor Maxis and her son for good. If everything went smoothly, this would be the day. Leitta and Evelyn were once again working on the teleporter, which would work to Doctor Richtofen’s advantage hopefully.

“Initiating test number six. Subject is within test chamber. Activate power.”

     Doctor Richtofen, surprised at the doctor’s rage, backed up in shock.

“Yes Doctor, as per your specifications.”

     A small spark light up the test chamber, and the sound of a ferocious howl mixed with the crack of lightening exploded within the room.

“Do you hear that, Doctor?”

     Curiously, Doctor Maxis turned towards Doctor Richtofen. What had come over her once obedient colleague? Finally, Evelyn moved towards the door, unlocked it, and began tugging on the handle.

“Open the door NOW!”

     Unaware of the child’s presence, Leitta whipped around. The child’s face was frozen in shock and horror. Attempting to stay calm, Doctor Maxis motioned for Doctor Richtofen to escort the young boy out.

“Damn it, Sam! I told you never to come in here! Evelyn, get him out of here.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

     Leitta walked into the room, easing towards her son. She carefully grabbed a hold of the boys shoulder.

“Come back here Sam! Stop him! Easy. Come here Sam, good boy.” Pulling the boy close to her body, she looked up at the dog, then began to spoke in a calm, hushed tone. “Gently Sam, that’s not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here.”

     Sam, overcome with fear at the sight of the dog, now inching closer, began crying and clutching onto his mother.

“Mutter, I’m scared.”

“Damn you… Stay by me, Sam.”

[tab][/tab]Moving back to the control panel, Evelyn reworked the settings. She reset everything to more than the specified configuration, causing the system to become overloaded. She pressed the button, activating the machine. Sparks flew everywhere, and electricity struck across the room in wild flashes. The mutant dog moved closer to its prey. Doctor Maxis and Sam began walking towards the teleporter pad, out of the way of the dog’s reach. The faint sound of a maniacal laugh from the small control room echoed throughout the glowing cavern.

“Goodbye, Doctor Maxis.”

Another chapter down, quite a few more to go! This was the easiest chapter to write so far, only spanning two days of actual writing time.

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  • 1 month later...

Yay chapter 6 is finally done!! Took a long time to write due to writers block, which absolutely sucks :[ Also, I plan on ending Sinner soon as to have it focus on what caused the zombies and the storyline, as well as the events of World at War zombies, but I'll be picking it up where it left off in a sequel persay to this. Anywho, enjoy :D

Chapter 6

Moments after the Der Riese incident

“Schuster, report.”

     Schuster skimmed through the notebook in her hand.

“Most are buried outside of the base, the live ones we’ve sent back to...”

     Laughing half-heartedly, Phoebe nodded and smiled softly.

“Yes, and we should try-“

     A garbled message came through the receiver. Sherrie and Phoebe looked at each other, a look of curiosity on their faces.

“Can you repeat?”

     Both doctors spun on their heels to spot Sam speeding towards the pyramid. Attempting to stop him, Phoebe dashed at the boy, hurtling over desks and even people.

“Get him, get back here!”

     Her words came too late. The boy, frightened, stumbled on the edge of the pyramid. Sam lurched forward into the blue light spawning from the base of the pyramid. Security guards, as well as Phoebe and Sherrie stared in shock as the pyramid closed it walls around the boy, now suspended in midair.

“What?! Doctor Schuster, find a way to get him out of the pyramid. I will contact Doctor Richtofen, let her know know we need instant...”


Hours later

“I hope this works. Schuster, power it up.”

     Doctor Schuster stepped toward the machine. She placed a paper into a receiving slot on the machine. It accepted the paper and began making loud beeping sounds.

“Analyzing NPD, creating profile, profile created.”

     Once again Phoebe entered a code into the machine, activating the teleporter end of the pad.

“Target located.”

“Bring her here, immediately.”

     Bewildered, Leitta darted her eyes between both doctors, then scowled.

“Schuster, I should have known. Where is that rat Evelyn? Where are we? How did you get me out of that wretched te-“

     Leitta stepped closer to the machine, trying to break through to Sam. She touched the panel, trying to keep herself from breaking down as she spoke.

“Liebling, mutter knows she’s made some mistakes, I am truly sorry you were put through so much. When your vater died, I could not bear the thought of losing you, that’s why I kept you so close. I did not mean to neglect you, I just wanted to know you were safe from harm.”

     Tears streamed down Doctor Maxis’ face. She fell to the ground, overwhelmed by emotion.

“I love you, Sam.”

     Leitta’s emotion began to change suddenly, as her voice became even and tempered.

“Can you do something for me, something very important?”

     Leitta, surprised by a strange clicking sound, whipped around. Her face lit up in horror as Doctor Schuster held the pistol up the her face. She fired, splattering blood over the floor. Doctor Maxis corpse dropped to the floor with a sickening thud. In that moment, a horrifying laughter filled the cavern as the pyramid panels closed up once again. Doctor Groph ran up to the pyramid and slammed on the walls in a failed attempt. Slowly she turned, and staring at the ground, began to mutter under her breath.

“We are doomed.”


“R-4808n 37 14 06 115 48 40. I hope you’re receiving this transmission Peter. If you are not, then all hope is lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The Giant must remain contained-“

“At all costs, repeat, Der Riese must be contained at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. You’ll be our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Maxis, they may know what’s going on. The use of one one five is dangerous at best. I’m not sure if we can continue here. We’ve lost most of our best-“

“I hope you get this. I hope it hasn’t happened there too, but I’m all out of hope. 60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94.”

Miles away at another testing facility

“-But I’m all out of hope.”

     Ignoring the frantic plea of the scientist, Yena unlocked the safe and pulled out a shotgun and a pistol. He proceeded to the door and, turning, bid his friend farewell.

“Auf Wiedersehen, my friend.”

     Taking long strides, he walked over to the rope and grabbed it. His hands, now on autopilot, knotted and strung the rope up. Stepping on a nearby chair, he wrapped the rope around his neck. Tears streamed down his face as he looked once more at the door, knocking the chair from underneath him.

“God forgive us all.”

     Both of his weapons were dead empty. A large hoard of zombies darted toward him, slowly creeping down the hallway. He dropped the empty guns, and pulling out his knife, ran toward his death head on.

“Fuck this, if I’m going to hell then I’m going to be the first martyr to fight his way in. Bring it you undead bastards!”

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It's been about 3 months today that I lasted updated Sinner, sorry for the wait. It took a bit of decisions and help to write this chapter, but it was kinda fun none the less. It was slightly difficult to write the aether part, as we don't really know what aether is like, so I kinda made it like a 3D map that is maneuverable. Well, hope you like it!

Chapter 7

On earth, near an abandoned German asylum

“Shit I can’t see a thing! Too God damn smoky!”

     The soldier at the front of the group, most likely the oldest, kept a straight face as he reprimanded the young private. Silently they marched on, nearing the asylum, which happens to be the last known location of a fellow Marine.

“Hey, Goode, isn’t that a fence or something?” Another private, older than the first, tapped the soldier next to him and pointed. In front of them, about a hundred yards away, sat a broken fence, guarding the perimeter of a once occupied building.

“I think it is. Come on, men, let’s make this quick.”

     Water dripped down from pipes. Lines of blood filled in the cracks of broken tiles. The soldiers’ footsteps penetrated the stale air.

“Alright, let’s split up and check this place top to bottom, then get the hell out of here,” the commander of the group murmured, his words echoing off the wall. He motioned to two of the soldiers. “Sheffield, Marks, I want the two of you to check the right side of the building. Robertson, you’re coming with me.”

     As the two privates crept through the barren halls, the one by the name of Sheffield looked around in horrific amazement. He had only heard from rumors and tales of what the Nazis were working on, but never thought he would see it with his own eyes. Staring blankly out the small, barred window, little bits of light flickered onto his skin from the forest fire mere feet away.

     In the other wing of the asylum, Goode and Robertson scouted each room they could for their missing comrade. Finding no traces of their friend, they decided to look around, see if there was any information they could salvage.

     Leading him by his shoulder, Goode turned Robertson around to face an odd looking soda machine. Robertson walked up to it, and checked it over and over again. He tapped on it with his knuckle, and a metallic sound reverberated through the tiny room.

“It’s a nifty little soda machine, wonder what it’s doing in a place like this.”

     Out of nowhere, the ground began to shake, almost like an earthquake. A sound similar to Robertson’s tapping on the soda machine reverberated, bu t it was much louder. Both men raced out to the source of the commotion to see a large metal door rolling shut, and Marks scrambling over to the door. Finally shutting, the three men raced to the divider between them. Looking through the frosted, grime covered glass, Sheffield was visible on the floor, attempting to stand. There they were, stranded in abandoned asylum, the faint grumble of death coming for them in the distance.


Griffin Station, a day after the ‘Incident’

     Set out in front of him was nothing but bright light, a mix of blues and purples and golds. It surrounded Sam like an ocean of tiny stars clustered together. As he moved his hand, the tiny clusters of colorful light moved with him, flitting around his fingers. Sam began to move his body, but found he was still stuck where he was before.

     The ground by this window was much lower than before, so this opening was above his head. Looking around, he found a log laying nearby, rolled it over, and stood on it. Sam’s eyes barely made it over the top, allowing him to see into this room. Here, another man was pounding away at the door’s window with his fist. Blood started flowing from the many cuts on his knuckles, smearing the window with red stains. There was another man, though, sitting on the ground a few meters away. He had ripped a part of his shirt off and was now wrapping his arm, which was gushing blood, with the torn piece of cloth.

     As Sam stared at its eyes, he saw what seemed like a pleading call. It almost seemed like he could stare right into it, and see the trapped, tortured soul of a man. A man seeking revenge.

     A solitary crow beckoned for a long lost friend. Its call echoed through the unkempt trees, bouncing off of each dead and blackened trunk. Crickets chirped in the tall brush. A series of empty huts, once used by a fierce army, were sprawled around the swamp, enveloped by mud and murky water. Inside the main hut in the center of the cluster, a new group of inhabitants lay unconscious on the ground.

“Ughhh, that was the worst hangover I have ever had!”

     The Japanese woman opened her eyes the slightest bit. Her short cut hair was plastered to her face from sweating. She flinched, but it is unknown if the cause of her misery was the sight of Nikita, or her broken arm that lay limp across her waist.

“Ok, who turned the lights out? And why the fuck is it a hundred and one degrees in here?”

     All three women jumped at the odd voice that belted out suddenly. Emerging from her position at a boarded up window, Evelyn limped over rapidly. There was a visible bruise on her neck in the shape of a hand. Her voice was choked and harsh, a side effect of the wound. She glanced down at Takako, and motioned with her head to follow her back to the window.

“I’m going to ask you the same question that Morgan just asked. I know there were Unit 731 testing locations sprawled across the map, but which one are we at exactly?!” Evelyn hissed out the last words, her emotion bitter. Staring out the window, Takako surveyed the land with her eyes.

“I am not sure. Like you have just said, there were many Unit 731 locations around the world. I cannot be positive as to which one this is.”

     Nikita jumped back from the window she stood at as a hand bashed through the hole in the wood. Thinking fast, she grabbed a nearby oil lamp and started slamming it on the protruding arm. Nothing affected the strange thing outside the window. She broke the lamp, poured the oil out onto the arm and pulled out a lighter. Lighting it, the arm burst into flame, and the creature began howling like the devil as it burnt to a crisp.

“What the hell was that thing, wretched bastard?!” Morgan shouted out. She seemed tense, but tried to stay calm on the outside as if nothing happened.

     Suddenly, another arm reached through the window closest to Evelyn, further than before. It lashed out and clumsily grabbed a clump of Evelyn’s hair, causing her to scream out. With poise and intent, Takako leapt onto a box blocking her path and used it to propel herself over to the German woman. As she began descending toward the floor, she brought her katana down, cleanly slicing off the arm and sending the intruder stumbling back to where it came from. She stabbed her weapon through the arm and into the floor as she landed elegantly. Takako rose up from the ground as each woman looked at her with surprise. Placing one hand on the hilt of her blade, and the other on her hip, she turned her head slightly to the others, speaking with determination and dread.

“It looks like it will be a long night.”

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Alright, so wow, Sinner has gotten over 1,000 views!! I'm quite surprised by this but I'm very very very happy, so thank you to everyone that has taken time to read it, and those anticipating the continuation of it! No, I have not forgotten about Sinner, but I have been bogged down by school work that I have not had time to work on it, and recently New Jersey was hit by Hurricane Sandy so I do not have power on my main computer, but once I regain power I will finish up chapter 8 and have it posted ASAP. Once again, thank you guys all soooo much

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