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As being an occasional split screener i must defend some aspect. If you see a big score that means either one of three things:

1.Had to take a two minute urination

2.Had to smoke a cigarette or bowl

3.Have to take a five minute break

If 2 or 3 are happening i will not ready up unless if 1/3 or 1/2 of the people do, or unless the break is over.

Then there are the people who seem to leave there house for good as when i look for a random game, it took me up to a halfhour too get a game on my desired map(Verruckt as many people don't play it) and as looking for what seemed like thousands of tries i saw the same people just sitting there. After readyuping like 5 times to see if they were over they're circle jerk i just decided to play with 1 other player. I usually like too have three people on that map but that changed my opinion. Im just defending those legit split screeners that have a perfectly good reason to not ready up but im sure theres more reasons that are perfectly fine. (Also i have passed out during a zombie game due to some painkillers i took for an ankle surgery and when i woke up i was in lobby with people ready and i asked them how long they were theyre, 10 minutes which isn't over the top ridiculous but i left cuz i was messed up) I hope this shines a little light and a little behind the scenes of this type of players.

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1.Had to take a two minute urination

2.Had to smoke a cigarette or bowl

3.Have to take a five minute break

If I did those things, I would get out of the lobby in-case the game starts and I don't realize, but more importantly, I'd get out of it because I would be the reason they can't start the game.

Really it's simple for Split-Screeners. If they're gonna do what you have said, take a break, go to sleep, etc, than they should get out of the lobby. It's really that simple and takes no more than one second.

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What i was saying yeah im wathcing the screen i just don't wanna be that guy thats doing nothing for those rounds in the beginning but as soon as everyone wants to play yeah i;ll ready up and stop what im doing. Im not defending those people just staying there for no reason at all. And usually when i go to take a bathroom break in between games i;ll ready up before i go i shouldve made that clear. I do the same when not doing split screen and ive noticed that more people are a$$es about it. And by that (dare i say) are even worse than split screeners. Ive seen a guy not play for a whole game to round 15 just cuz he was in the lobby and didn't ready up. But i guess if taking a five minute break in between games is so bad i'll stop doing it(But like i said i will stop what im doing to get a game going). But i don't see the problem with the examples ive given when theres worse scenarios out there. Btw it's not just split screeners(But yeah they are the worse). You could always go to that prefer player thing on xbox if you have one and avoid that player and find a new lobby. Aegis knight like i said i don't sit there not readying up until im done doing my thang, im here to kill zombies like everyone and if people in the lobby wanna get it going, ill get it going. If i sounded like an a$$hole when i posted this then i apologize thats not the context i was going for

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