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The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

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Challenge Name: No Man's Land

Number of Players: 2-4

Required Map(s): Origins, Mob of the Dead


Objective: Stay away from each player from round 10+. Before round 10, players can do whatever they want to do together.

Time Limit: None

Round Limit: None

Randoms Only: No

Disallowed Perk(s): None

Disallowed Weapon(s): None


It's basically a test to see how long you can survive by yourself with four players at max. Have fun :)

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Challenge Name: Pulled back!

Number of Players: Any

Required Map(s): Any with single-action revolvers, bolt-action or pump-action weaponry.

Objective: Survive until round 30 with single-action revolvers, bolt-action or pump-action weaponry OR Complete the easter egg (if there is) using single-action revolvers, bolt-action or pump-action weaponry.

Time Limit: None.

Round Limit: 30+ OR None (if doing easter egg).

Randoms Only: If doing the easter egg, I recommend doing it with friends. Other than that, it's your choice.

Disallowed Perk(s): No perks are disallowed.

Disallowed Weapon(s): All weapons except single-action revolvers, bolt-action or pump-action weaponry.

Note: Starting pistol is allowed, but must be rid of ASAP. Starting equipment is also allowed, including wall buy equipment and monkeys etc. Single-action revolvers refer to those like the Annihilator in BO3, where the character pulls the hammer back. Also, EE's which don't have more than 6 steps will NOT COUNT for completing the challenge!

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Challenge Name: Ultimate Survivalist

Number of Players: 1

Required Map(s): Any

Objective: Survive as long as you can without getting any other weapon that is not your starting weapon, and also having Headshots Only, Hellhounds, No Magic, And starting round be at 20. Go ahead, try to get to round 50.

Time Limit: Unlimited

Round Limit: Unlimited, But starting at round 20

Randoms Only: N/A

Disallowed Perk(s): None

Disallowed Weapon(s): All except M1911



Oh, and good luck surviving, even IF you are a hardcore zombies player.

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Challenge Name: DnD challenge

Number of Players: 1-4

Required Map(s): Any

Objective: Survive as long as you can in an old school DnD style, have a 6 sided die and any time you want to buy or interact with something you must roll the dice. You can roll the dice once every round, but certain rolls like 1 or 6 can change if how many actions you'll get in the next turn

Dice values

1) You failed so bad that you lose your action next 2 rounds

2) You failed pretty bad and lost your action for the next round

3) You did it!

4) You did it!

5) You did it so well that you get +1 action next round

6) You are so cool that you get to have another action for this round

Also, actions do not carry over to the next round so if you didn't use an action on round 1, next round you would only have 1 action that round. If you play with other people then you need Quick Revive to revive them if they go down

Time Limit: Until dinner (Unlimited)

Round Limit: Unlimited

Players: Anyone, but works best with friends

Disallowed Perk(s): None

Actions a roll is not needed for(s): Basic mechanics(walking, running, shooting ext.) picking up pieces for... stuff

Actions a roll is needed for(s): Buying doors, Buying wall guns, Buying wall gun ammo, Buying the box, Building a craftable item, buying a perk, Pack a Punch...

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This thread brings me back to good old days.


I recently started playing BO4 zombies and noticed there is a Gauntlet mode and could not contain my excitement. Although the challenges are round based they can totally make a list of challenges mentioned in this thread. I haven't messed around with custom mutations yet, but it looks like some of this can be accomplished with this. I'd be nice if treyarch lets us access other peoples created custom mutations.

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